PCT Advice After 12 Week Cycle

I need advice for my PCT. Running a 12 week sustanon 250 and Anavar cycle 6 weeks in now. Been taking Anastrozole 1mg EOD is this ok? Just started PREGNYL 250iu twice a week is that enough? I have purchased Clomid and just waiting for my Nolvadex to come.

Stop HCG 7 days before cycle ends.
DAY 1: 200mg Clomid+40mg Nolvadex
Following 20 days 50mg Clomid 20mg Nolva
Would you add anything else?
21 Day pct.

This is my first cycle what are your thoughts thanks in advance.

That’s way too much anastrozole. And 200mg of Clomid? Wildly unnecessary. Run Nolva 40/40/20/20 and you should be fine. Remember to start your pct three weeks after your last pin. Because you used sustanon the elimination time is longer than with test c/e.

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you are too over paranoid man . i did more then you and took just nolva after 10 days of cycle.

this days kids get into gear without knowledge or proper research. nolva is more then enough to get normal production back if op has not abused the gear.

Thanks for the advice, so don’t run the Clomid just Nolva? What about the HCG is that enough I’ve heard people taking 10x as much PW.

Hi beastweast, yes you’re right think I am a bit paranoid just don’t want all my hormones crashing when I come off it. Also forgot to add taking lilly Humatrope 24mg at 3.5iuED what is the longest I can stay on it?, can I still stay on it after I finish my cycle? Oh and I’m not a kid I’m 28 :joy:

forget everything and just take nolva post cycle. the more you think about symptoms and stress it happens.

Why is nolva preferred on this board more than clomid? from I gather from the TRT side is that clomid is prescribed more often than nolva would be… so?

would it be best to run both split up?

Lower incidence of side effects, significantly stronger than clomid at much lower doses.

but if clomid is what people can get easier then might as well stick with clomid yeah? they are pretty similar from what I have read.

If you can only get Clomid then yes, obviously just use that. But if you can pick either then the data say use Nolva.

What about Clomid mid cycle? I’ve heard this helps ward off any gyno/converting issues and helps for a quicker recovery.

Any articles on that? or cycle examples of when to do it/how much/ etc