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PCOS ... Lifting and Difficulty Losing Fat

I’m 31 with PCOS, high testosterone and about 65 pounds overweight. I’ve been lifting for about 8 months, I’m really good at it, strong,and I love it. However my clothes fit the same and I really want some changes in my body. Ive been lean before and it took lots of cardio and high protein with tons of veggies to get me there. I’ve been educated on nutrition and stick to my diet most of the time… Should I lose a majority of the weight before lifting so much? Anyone on here have any suggestions or dealt with PCOS???

I hear you. I am 36 with PCOS but only now have about ten pounds to lose but want to go down about another 5% body fat. Ive always been 200lbs+ and this is the first time I have ever tried weight training rather than being skinny fat after dieting till skin is hanging off me. Fat is extremely hard to lose but with clean eating, cardio and hard work finally after 8 months I’m starting to see a much bigger difference. Keep to it and train like you haven’t got it is my motto. Good luck and keep trucking!

A lot of women on PCOS use Metformin for glucose control and it tends to help them lose weight. Losing weight is extremely frustrating and difficult for someone who has PCOS. Talk to your doctor about your difficulties, bring him or her a food journal, and your lifting routine. They’ll see that you’re dedicated to fat loss and try to help.