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This question comes soley out of curiosity.

We all know that eating large amouunts of carbs and fats at the same time because of the high insulin release that goes along with them and allows the fats and carbs to enter the blood more quickly.

But what is the problem with P+C+F meals? I’ve seen that you shouldnt eat them, but does anyone know the scientific reason why?

Does the insulin rush from this type of meal cause to many of the carbs and fats to get into the blood stream instead of the protein?

Or is it simply that the body isn’t mean to digest three different macronutrients at the same time?

(I posed a lot of questions here, but the first one is the only one for which I’d like an answer.)

I believe the reason that it is not recommended to consume carbs and fats in the same meal is due to the increased insulin concentrations. These increased insulin levels will blut the burning of the fat that was just injested and it will more than likely be stored as fat instead. Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong or add to this. Hope this helps!


It does the same thing as a C+F meal, basically. It’s suboptimal compared to either P+F or P+C.