PC Trouble

Ok, I’m just sitting here and my pc keeps telling me that “a network cable is unplugged” then it re-establishes a connection, then it happens again, and again, and all of my cables are secure…wtf is up?

Depends on what type of connection you have. Coaxial cable splitters are usualy of very poor quality and can be a source of some major problems with connectivity. There is also signal strength- If the signal is less than -10db it can register with the modem as disconnected. Fluctuations will cause it to work sometimes and not others.

It could be one or a combination of both, or maybe something else entirely, but I’de check those first.

So what do you suggest I do with the coaxial splitter? Fully replace it, or just try what I can, and furthermore how do I check that signal strength?

Thanks alot man.

You have DSL or cable internet? It could be many things. Poor network card connection, internet connection, wireless connection. Do you have a wireless card and a network card with cat5 connection?

It’s cable, and the router is a d link I THINK it’s wireless, actually it is, but only on my sisters laptop. The fuckin thing is messed up there is nothing being disconnected but it keeps saying it like every 2 minutes…it’s pissing me off alot.

Yea, fully replace it with one designed for broadband. Just tell the guy at Radio Shack that you need the ones for higher frequencies. They cost a bit more than the standard cable splitters but they’re worth it.

For better signal strength, the best move is to have the cable modem right after the first split in the line. One line feeds the rest of the houses televisions, the other straight to the modem. For good measure and convienence I did that and put a router in immediately after the modem, then ran the signal through ethernet.

If the router isn’t an option, then you can usualy maintain a good signal with a single strand of coaxial.