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PC Tri-Test 400 Question


Alrite guys, looking at trying this out but failing miserably at finding " cycle examples"

I was originally going to do - Test Cyp, EQ, - Dbol K.Start and finish of with anavar around 8 - 12

but its proven to be quite pricey to say the least,

So a few peopke mentioned Pro Chem Tri-Test 400, just want to know, can this be run by its self with good results?

Does it need an oral kick start?

Will I need to run any ant e's alongside for precaution or just have to hand ?

Als I asume Tri Test 400 can be mixed in 1 shot with EQ ??

Or again would it just be fine to run tri test 400 lonesome ?

Dont mean to go on Im just sitting here like a lost dog trying to find info and failing miserably!



i've used test400 alone at 800mg/week and got fantastic results... in fact I didn't stack anything else because of finances, so no I don't think that's a horrible idea. Yes you can mix the test and EQ in the same shot.