PC, SJW, Colleges, Safe Zones and Sexual Violence

The alarming PC culture spreading in our country and over Western Europe has an extremely disturbing correlation growing along with it, sexual violence especially towards women. While this culture continually gives lip service to the issue, the idea of self-censorship, tolerance, multiculturalism, postmodernism, secularism has a devious partner that where these aforementioned ideas are highest in concentration among the populace, they have become the very places where women, in particular, suffer the most. It isn’t a matter of just reporting sexual assaults. The number is going up, in the very places where the gravest crime is giving offence to someone else.

I saw the most stark contrast in college culture, where to even utter a phrase like ‘radical islam’ will get you harassed, labeled as a bigot, racist, etc.
Yet when the rubber meets the road, in the face of overwhelming evidence as to the sexual violent culture that has persevered there, you get what we had this weekend, a celebration of a man and a football team, whose actions have ruined and immiserated at least 15 girls we know of, 4 gang raped. Plus 110 other instances of sexual violence that was essentially quashed by those who were supposed to help. Yet, the very people and culture that led to these horrific crimes were celebrated at Baylor this weekend. I am no feminist, or self loathing man-hater, but I do think women do have a right not to be raped…

If you are unfamiliar with the story your can get a glimpse of it here:

This led me to a wider search, this isn’t just happening at Baylor, its happening at most colleges. Freedom of speech is down, sexual violence is up.
This isn’t happening just at colleges, this is happening wherever, PC hush culture and ‘Social Justice’ are in the forefront.

Sweden, Germany, a.k.a. western Europe

There is literally reams and reams and reams of data on this. More than I can tackle in a single thread. But now, more than ever the bullshit has got to stop.

We have to speak open and honestly about these issues and put that into actionable work, even if people get offended, or if people get excluded, or if a race or religion get their feelings hurt.

The two largest contributors to these rise in crime is Political Correctness and ‘multiculturalism’. Wherever one or both of these ideals are prominent, crime, particularly sexual crime is on a steep climb. It’s time to stop the bullshit and call a spade, a spade… And hopefully someone will get offended and there will be one less victim of sexual violence in the world because of it…

I am madder than hell about this and I don’t know what to do, but I will start with making yall aware…

To have a meaningful conversation about this you really need to start by talking about what sexual violence is, how to measure it, and how to classify different types of sexual violence.

For instance, there are some studies that use a definition of sexual assault that includes unwanted sexual comments. When you lump rape and unwanted sexual comments into the same pile it’s hard to say exactly what we are talking about.

Another example of this is that sexual assault and attempted sexual assault are generally lumped together. This doesn’t sound so bad on its face, as rape and attempted rape are both pretty serious. But if sexual assault includes unwanted kissing, which most definitions do, then attempted sexual assault includes attempted unwanted kissing. That basically means if someone tries to kiss someone and the kissee resists and the kisser then stops, that’s attempted sexual assault. Not a crime, but getting lumped into the same group by many of these studies.

The problem is that sexual assault is often pictured as a violent attack on a stranger, but the spread of sexual assaults on campus has more to do with the ambiguity inherent in promiscuous party culture.


@pat I agree with you on the fact that women have the right not to be raped, but I am lost when you say ’ The two largest contributors to these rise in crime is Political Correctness and ‘multiculturalism’. ’ If you take a look at news articles today what will you see? White supremacy groups going around and terrorizing everyone. Not trying to say you’re the Grand Wizard of the KKK, but look at Charlottesville. This PC and ‘multiculturalism’ that you say is ruining America is not for the reason you think it is. The PC and ‘multiculturalism’ that people want, is for a black person to be walking down the street and not have the n word shout at them. Or a muslim person can go to a mosque without being blocked by Good Ole’ Fashioned americans with an AR or worry about it being bombed while they are in it. White people want America ‘the way it was before’. What’s that stupid staying the oompa loompa keeps saying? Oh yeah “Make America Great Again”. When was it great? When only white people had a voice? When white people were allowed to own others? You think that giving people that aren’t white straight christians power equal to yours, is you losing power. Frankly, it’s not. It’s just you losing power over other people. So yes, PC and multiculturalism is ruining America, because people like you are afraid of what it means so you feel the need to take it into your own hands

Wow! I forgot about this thread. I put a lot of heart and soul into it at the time because its a situation that seems to have gotten worse. But I think you have a mistaken impression of what I meant. The core of what I am saying is that sexual violence seems to be on the rise and the rise correlates in the places where such ‘offense’ is the worst offense you can commit creating a culture where the free exchange of ideas are suppressed and PCness just drops us into lies and does not allow people to call things what they are.
I don’t have a problem with different cultures, especially in light of the fact that I am perhaps one of the most diverse person in the world. When I tell people my lineage they often say, “How the hell did that match up happen?” and it’s a long story.
My point wasn’t that different cultures are bad. It’s that if you have a culture clash where crime, particularly sexual assault as in the case of Sweden, you may want to rethink how multicultural you want to be.
It simply may be the case, that some cultures should not mix too much. As in lilly-ass-white, super-liberal, sexually free Sweden mixing with societies and cultures who come from a background of immiserating women and treating them like chattle probably isn’t the best mix of cultures to any large measure, especially when the evidence suggests that there is little to no attempt by the aliens to adapt to the new culture that took them in. Further leading to alienation of the younger generation of alien and fear and trembling by the society that took them in. And of course I am talking about ME culture clashing with Swedish culture. Sexual assaults have gone up significantly in Sweden over the past decade. In cities and towns where previously a woman would have no fear walking alone at night, now they have fear. They are issued “rape whistles” and have to be taught now how to defend themselves.
This is where the PC part comes in to muck it up. While suffering more crime, especially sexual assault, they are not allowed to identify the groups responsible for fear of “being racist”. So you have a problem with culture clash that you are afraid to talk about for fear of being turned from victim to aggressor, for simply stating things as they are.

PCness is just a way to lie about the way things really are, to prevent the free exchange of ideas and shut other people up, even up to the point where it’s dangerous to be that naive.

Also, PCness is (was) a good way to shame people like Nazis from voicing their opinion and influencing others to be Nazis. Making something like being PC black and white to the extent that it’s either all good or all bad is simply ignorant.

Being “PC” helped slow my grandpa from continuing to throw out racial slurs when he saw a black person at Applebee’s. Being “PC” means my wife’s aunt doesn’t walk up to people wearing rainbow flag shits in Walmart and tell them they’re going to burn in hell anymore.

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My, you have quite the entertaining family! LOL

I don’t think you need to be PC to be polite. I don’t think you have to make behavior taboo in order to prevent rudeness. Perhaps blatant honesty is better than repressing the feelings. Maybe you aunt telling a gay person they are going to hell can generate a conversation, which can lead to a better understanding between parties.
PCness just flips the script. All is does is take things that were formerly taboo and labeling them “A-OK!”, while taking what was considered “normal” and made it taboo.

So now instead of your aunt telling a gay they are going to hell, you have gays egging churches in Minnesota for instance. But that’s ok, they are just dumb, backward, anti-science, bible-thumping Christians.

The tolerance is not for everybody. The tolerance is for those with left wing ideologies. All other speech will be shut down.

The only way we are going to build unity is to talk to each other about the hard things and have difficult conversations. If we don’t the hate won’t go away it will just continue to build pressure until something blows. PC kills honest talk. There are no ‘safe zones’ in the real world.

Seems to me like it stirred the coals and made that fire hotter, don’t you think? I haven’t seen a white supremacist rally of any significance since the '80’s. Was it a good idea to shove them underground?
I prefer my neo-nazi out in the open and alone.

People fight back hardest just before the end. The resurgence was only part Trump stoking it. It’s been bubbling for years after Obama was elected.

I am going to concede that I really don’t understand the Trump phenomenon. I don’t understand the people who really love him or why. I understand voting against HRC, but I don’t get the adulation. And I don’t get what the white supremacists mapped on to him… During his show some of his favorite people were black… See Omerosa… Perhaps he makes the same guttural noises?

He was one of the first big names to spend an extensive amount of time pushing the birther movement. Entitled silver spoon white guy saying a successful black guy cheated his way to the top seems to be right out of the “garner Nazi support” playbook imo.

The problem most people have with understanding Trumpers is they get too in depth. People go investigating the bottom 90% of the iceberg when the answers were above the water the entire time. My family is a perfect example. Because they live in WV, everyone assumes it’s “bring back coal” or “kill the EPA.” The real answer is much simpler. They simple don’t like minorities and non Christians.


You certainly are accurately describing some of Trump’s supporters, but there simply aren’t that many racists in the US.

While Trump has been wishy-washy at various points and simply lies some of the time, he also has a refreshing ability to say politically incorrect things that a lot of people believe to be true and then not back down. The recent Charlottesville situation is a good example. Trump doesn’t like National Socialists and he’s never said any differently. The fact is, there were two factions that both came armed and ready for a fight. Somehow a large portion of the media and politicians want to crucify Trump for not being willing to pretend that isn’t true.

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There are more than most people are willing to acknowledge. I’ve lived amongst them personally. I’m related to many of them personally. I married into a family with many of them personally. I’m more than willing to accept real data as refutes to my personal anecdotes, but I don’t think other personal anecdotes carry the same power.

Probably because he seemed to put roughly equal blame on both parties. With one party being a group of NAZIS. When you have Nazis protesting and people counter protesting NAZIS, and then a Nazi decides to drive his car into a group of people, you’re understandably going to get some blowback for putting roughly equal blame on the side that ISN’T the Nazis.

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Yeah, that may explain WV and it may explain your family, or part of your family anyway, but it doesn’t speak for the whole lot. For Trump to have won the Rust Belt states some of the very same people that voted for Obama had to vote for Trump for Trump to win those states. I live in GA, it’s just a Red State and one would think living in the deep south there would be pervasive racism, more so than you see say in Boston. My personal observations have been very different. There are lots of black people who live in GA, disproportionally higher than in a lot of other states. But racism isn’t pervasive here. At least if it is, people hide it pretty well. I am not saying there isn’t any, but just not a lot. Not as much as you would expect from a deep south state that’s for sure.
A few years ago, we went to Boston and it was way more segregated than GA is. Each ethic group is separated from each other and each one doesn’t like the other. In other words I found it to be way more racist than GA. And the family we have living there confirms that Boston is pretty damn racist, the Italians don’t like the Greeks and the Irish don’t like the Italians and nobody likes the Jews or the Blacks as it was explain to me; that is a blue state, reliably.

The point I am making is where you would expect there to be pervasive racism it’s pretty minimal and GA went heavy for Trump. In a place where you would expect to be low racism it’s actually more pervasive and the state went heavily for Clinton.

Your WV experience is what one would expect, stereotypically across the board. I would expect what you said the be the case as it goes towards race and voting patterns, but that pattern doesn’t fit everywhere. Certainly not in GA and certainly not in MA. So I think it more difficult to map who voted what and why…
I think the Trump phenomenon is harder to explain and it looks. For your situation, perhaps it’s crystal clear, but there may be as many reasons as people. They are not all backward-thinking red necks. There aren’t enough backward thinking red necks to elect a president.

My response was in reference to why white supremacists latched onto him. Why EVERYONE voted for Trump probably has thousands of reasons. In regards to why Nazis support him, I fall back to my original statement of him simply being a white man.

Think back to the last few elections. Imagine you’re a Nazi. Who are you voting for in each election?
2008 - McCain (old white male) vs Obama (old black male)
2012 - Romney (old white male) vs Obama (old black male)
2016 - Trump (old white male) vs Hillary (old white woman) edit: who was very close with said old black male

The common denominator here becomes pretty apparent.

Sorry, I got side tracked. Perhaps it was the whole “birther” incident as well as “Obama is a Muslim” that attracted the WS. I could see that, but those things were said years ago and retracted, perhaps by force, but nonetheless retracted. I suppose then that it doesn’t matter that the statements were retracted as long as they were stated in the first place. Maybe, you’re right and there is no mystery about that point.
And yeah as a Nazi, I would probably always vote for the white male, but I wouldn’t necessarily love the white male.

Also important to remember that for many of those guys, MAGA directly translates to “Make America White Again.”

When so many of your stances involve “keep out the Muslims” or “keep out the Hispanics” the logical jump to “keep out the brown people” is SUUUUUUUPER EASY for these guys. Even things like relentlessly blaming China/Mexico for “unfair trade deals” that are somehow China/Mexico’s fault only adds fuel to the fire.

He certainly didn’t wax eloquent, he never does, I don’t expect him too.
I think people have some delusion that one day he is going to turn in to Shakespeare about something. I ain’t holding my breath, he doesn’t speak well and never will.
I understood what he meant it was just inappropriate timing. And neither Obama’s nor the Bush’s specifically denounced neo-nazis or the kkk either. And using the word ‘blame’ was indeed foolish. He could acknowledge that violence did occur and protesters and counter protesters engaged. But he needed to decry racial hatred and bigotry outright. And the using of a car as a weapon of death against any person or group will not be tolerated in the U.S.

The problem I see, that as despicable and deluded the kkk or neo-nazis or any other white supremacist group may be, they do have a right to exist, to hate and to peacefully assemble.

The other issue I have a problem with is the coverage the MSM is giving the hate groups. Why are they interviewing them and giving them so much TV time? That’s the best recruiting tool in the world, constant coverage.

And then you see the destruction of property, while the police have their hands in their pockets. If people want the statues removed, you petition, you vote, you get an audience with the town counsel. I have a problem with that because the violence it perpetuating more violence in exchange for cooler heads prevailing. And the president is failing at this moment by failing to lead. Whatever mistakes he said or made before, he still has to call for calm, demand it actually and move to discussion

Which is a large bit of the problem. Nazis see the things he says, interpret them how they want, and proceed to gain power because Trump can’t be bothered to speak in complete sentences.

Sure they have the right to exist, and society sure as shit has the right to shame Nazis until they’re afraid to leave mom’s basement. They’re fucking Nazis. I’d be terrified if society WASN’T shaming them.

Because the MSM is a business, out to make a profit. Controversial topics = higher tune in % = more money. That part is a slam dunk.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe every statue removed thus far has done so through the correct legal channels.

If only. I’m not sure if that’s ever going to be on the table. If it’s ever been a card in Trump’s hand, he’s yet to play it.

True dat. But I was meaning that I don’t think the government should weigh in on whether or not they can or should exist. It sets a dangerous precedent. And I have heard talking heads say that it should. Well, they should probably take out satanists too if that’s the case.
Let the people shame them all they want.

This is what I was referring to:

I get people are angry right now, but this is also not acceptable behavior and the slippery slope indeed gets slipperier.