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PC Game Suggestions


I don't play video games very often but recently my wifes company bought her a new computer that is "super bad ass" to quote the guy who built it. Anyway I'm wanting a new game to test out just how bad ass this thing is. I don't have the specs but it should handle about any game out there.
I like first person shooters like Quake 4, F.E.A.R and such, those are the only games I've ever played all the way through.
Suggestions please.


If you like ego shooters with a good story, maybe Bioshock II or Fallout 3?


Best free online first person shooter is WarRock, visit www.warrock.net !!!


If you want to push performance as far as it'll go, try grand theft auto 4 or crysis.

If you want an rpg, try neverwinter nights 2 or fallout 3.

If you like fps and you want to play for fun, counterstrike is still the way to go, but this isn't going to be too taxing on the pc.

If you play rts, I still have to recommend age of empires 3.


Thanks guys. I'll look into those.

BTW I do want to push the PC to as far as it will go.


Age of Conan, its based on the crysis engine with higher demands, if you can run that, you can run any game on the market. find some water and try to run it while swimming, thats where most peoples computers die and have to be reset.


Well the best overall game you could get is Fallout 3.
It has a very immersive style of play. The gameplay changes based on how you play it but basically it is a FPS RPG. (First Person Shooter Role Playing Game)

If you just want quick online FPS action then I'd say go with Counter Strike Source or Call of Duty 4 or COD World at War.

Finally if you want to play a RTS that maxes out your computer then go with Supreme Commander.
This game is a true 3D RTS and it is epic in scale compared to fixed view games like Starcraft and Age of Empires.

Hope that helps.


FPS: Half life 2 and all the episodes. FEAR 2 just came out, and it looks amazing. Crysis was an interesting game and will test out your PC's graphic capabilities. Left 4 Dead is pretty intense.


I was just about to suggest that.

Want to test it's limits? Give Crysis a shot.


Left 4 Dead. I also have a bunch of quake live invites still if you're interested.


Microsoft Flight Simulator X. It is one of the few games that supports the new Direct X 10.1 shading/graphics. You can get a good joystick for $20 to go with it. Have fun!


Get Left 4 Dead, One of the best games I have played in a LONG time.

http://pc.ign.com/articles/930/930763p1.html written review

http://pc.ign.com/dor/objects/818215/turtle-rock-project/videos/left4dead_111708.html Video Review


x2 on that crysis and fallout 3 to push the limit of the pc lol.. good luck with that!


AOC = Best game to push your rig.


I am eagerly awaiting the release of Diablo 3.

I also wanted to try AOC, I actually just heard about it recently but from what I could gather it is more addictive than WoW. When I played WoW I had no life for like 6 months, so I'm staying away from anything like it lol.


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Fallout 3 was definitely my favorite game of 2008 with my second favorite game being I can't even remember. Course, I love all of the Fallout games and have been playing them for years.

I'm spending a lot of time playing Call of Duty World at War...it is ok but should only have been a $15 expansion for COD4.

Mount & Blades is a pretty cool fantasy middle age simulation. You can even download the whole game for free and play up to level 8. If you've played the game Pirates! and liked it you'll be right at home with M&B.


Alien vs Predator. always thought that would be fun on something other than slow as windows 95 haha. Not a huge gamer (as you can tell). But, I hear pretty good things bout fallout as far as first person shooting games


You could try Halo 2, if you have vista; but apparently the online community is crap.

BF2 on max settings is still a challenge for most computers and is a fantastic game which IMO has the best FPS online multiplayer.


Call of Duty World at War
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