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PBT for Fat Loss

Hi Christian,

Your PBT program has been one of the few programs I’ve ever been able to stick to, it is just so great! How do you feel about using it for fat loss? I’d still like to do the optional fifth days and LISS cardio on days 6 and 7 for recovery purposes. Is PBT appropriate while in a deficit?

Thank you!

I have mixed feelings about that.

On one hand I often say that the program that gets you the most strength/size is also the program you should use to maintain muscle when dieting down.

On the other hand, as a performance program it requires a caloric surplus for optimal progress AND it is already demanding as is, not sure how adding a lot of cardio would combine with this program.

My gut feeling is that since it motivates you it will help you keep training hard and it might work. But be really careful. Start conservative with the deficit and cardio, to see how your body tolerates it

Thank you for your thoughts Christian, I always appreciate your insight. I’ll definitely go conservative. To be honest I have very little muscle to begin with but am taking your advice on trying to start with a leaner physique.