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PBS' Mystery Theater

Anyone watch it? In the States its on PBS, but I think it’s a British show. My parents watch it all the time, and I caught an episode last night and really enjoyed it. I found it more pleasant to watch then CSI or any of the other mystery shows on broadcast TV. I’m looking forward to checking out more episodes.

If you do watch it, who is your favorite detective? I haven’t seen all of them, but thus far I’m a pretty big fan of Poirot.

Let’s not forget the sweet intro! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ge-Yr5vkYU&NR=1

My mom was a huge fan of this show. Actually she was a huge fan of most shows on PBS. Dr. Who and Nova are two other shows that seemed to always be on the TV when I was little. I remember some of the Sherlock Holmes stuff, but not much else.

And that intro looks like a newer one, the one I remember was this one: