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PB Serving Size


a serving of PB is 2 TBSP... is that a level TBSP or a heaping TBSP?

reason I ask is because the jar says 14 servings and it seems that I get a little more than 14 servings out of a jar and I figure I'm using around 2 TBSPs each time.

Sorry for the dumb question, but I don't have a scale to measure it out in grams.


Just eat the friggin peanut butter. haha

Not to be a dick, but, it's not a huge deal.


0.9 Tablespoons


Why does it matter. So ya get a whole whopping 20 extra calories and a gram and fat. Agonizing about this little shit will make ya crazy.


solves all of your diet needs.


I was only asking because I'm trying to keep an accurate track of my calories.

But I agree, most of the time I would say the same. I just want to be as accurate as I can.


If you wana be totally anal about it, then weigh it.

Otherwise, don't make yourself nuts.