PB Sandwich Convenience Recipe

I have a job where I need to bring food a long with me in order to make sure I have a constant flow of nutrients. Like many of you, of course, I don’t always have time to cook. I remember before when a product called Power Butter came out, but man, it was expensive. So what I started doing was the following (it’s too easy):

Mix a spoonful of peanut butter with a scoop of protein powder. Boom. You have “power butter.”

The really nice thing about this is though is that you can make about 10 servings of this at once, divide it evenly among 10 slices of bread, top those slices of breads with another 10 slices, put each sandwich in a plastic baggy, and then throw them all in the freezer. If you have to be at school/work/whatever for 8 hours you already have three meals made for yourself-it’s just super convenient.

Anyone else have any convenience recipes/tips?

Cook a night or two a week, have meals prepperd and stacked in tupperware in the fridge. Pre sort your daily supplements on the cooking days into baggies. Honestly, prepping food and bringing it is very convenient. If you had time to post this, you had time to cook about 5 meals, I’m not being a dick with that statement, its true.