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PB Grow! Bars


Anyone else order these?

Just ordered a case of chocolate and a case of peanut butter.


Holy nutritional goodness, Batman!

I didn't even know they came out with Peanut Butter recently...

Did I miss an article or an update?

Sneaky bastards...



Hey, I remember them mentioning these a while back...

I'm definitely going to have to try them!


Are the nutrition facts the same as the Brownie one's?



Time to put in an order for the new fast-release Grow! Bars and Peanut Butter Spike


No update i dont think, they usually just dump `em. But usually they change the header or something. I was about to submit my order and just happened to see an option for pb bars...that was close, i wouldve felt deprived....mmnn i can taste them already....


AWESOME!!! I will have to add these to my menu for this Last damn hectic semester of Grad school. handy healty and DAMN good.

I am wondering what they will be like when having with a Chcolate Brownie Grow! bar at the same time or washed down with a Chocolate Low-Carb Grow! shake.


I honestly dont give a damn, I ordered some immediately!! mmmmmmm peanutbutter


Good news, indeed. I'm salivating already!


Oh man I can't wait to put in my order. PeanutButter Grow! Bars should be delicious. Anyone try them yet?


haha ive been just dippin the Chocolate Brownie kind in pb :stuck_out_tongue: pretty damn good!


I've done that too! Tastes great. Added a lot of calories though. Can't wait to try the Peanut Butter flavored bars!


I just tried my first Peanut Butter Grow! bar. All I can say is, YOWZA that was good! Seriously, I may have to lock them in the cupboard so I don't eat the entire box in one day.


Holy crap these are good. I opened up my Fed-Ex box today expecting to find CT's Black Book, and there was a free one waiting for me! Good thing I should have a case of these on my doorstep in a day or two.


Oh... my... god...

Just a warning. Bring an extra pair of boxers before you eat these things. They're sploogerific.


Sploogerific LMAO!!

I ordered a box yesterday, and I hope they are as good as you all are saying. I'll post after I get to try one.


Holy Crap!!!

I think I like these even better than the chocolate. They're absolutely DELICIOUS!


They arrived today..............


Chocolate Grow! bars 6 out of 10

PB Grow! bars 10 our of 10




I think these are the best bars I have ever tasted (especially out of the fridge)! All this taste and quality protein to boot! Good job Biotest!


What are the nutrition facts?