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Payton Manning's Goals

What Payton Manning has done so far this year has been very impressive, but it should come as no suprise. During the ESPN Sunday night football game this past week, there was a graphic that showed what goals Payton Manning set for himself before this season started.

Among the goals, Payton wanted to throw for 40 Touchdowns. Only 3 times in NFL history before this year had any QB thrown 40 or more TDs, but Payton still set it as a goal.

He set a lofty goal, worked his ass off and not only met his goal, he propelled himself to one of the greatest seasons ever.

I think we can all take a lesson from this. We don’t all have a good running game, good pass protection and great receivers, but we can still set goals beyond what we think we’re capable of and try to shake up the world with how far we go.