Payslip vs Payroll

Are the same ?
See,I’m working on this software paycheck calculator
and I need to write a proper description,but the definition on my dictionary is not clear.

No. They are different.

Payroll - the records about wages paid to employees that business keeps. Used to be an actual ‘roll’ or ledger with amounts recorded. You have a general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, etc. for a business.


Payroll - the act of paying wages, etc. for a single pay period. Example: “Have you run the payroll yet, Ms. Accountant?”

Payslip - the single record given to an individual employee outlining what they got paid, tax, entitlments, etc. for a single pay period. Example: “Can I have my payslip, Ms. Accountant? I want to see how much tax you have taken from my gross pay.”

Does that help? IT Nerds rule by the way :slight_smile:

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Perfect! Thanks a lot …

and yes,I’m a bit nerdy sometimes

FWIW - I assume you are working to Italian tax laws etc. given your location (which I have no idea about) but I’ve written payroll solutions here in the UK for a variety of accountants in several programming languages.

If you need any help on coding specifics just pm me.