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Paying Back Society

Now then…

I hereby propose that we ‘volunteer’ about 10,000 male prison inmates (and maybe 5,000 female inmates) and force them to take part in a “What The Fuck Works Best?” project to help us figure out the best nutritional/training & supplementation approaches to bodybuilding & other athletic endeavors.

I mean, why the fuck not? Shit, they’re lifting anyway, right? They’re already eating too, no? I say we give 'em what they already got, so we can benefit from their time in the ‘Big House.’

Send John Berardi and the boys from T-Mag over to the prisons and have them start a massive study which seeks to figure out what the hell the best approaches are. Then, add in some supplements so we can see which one’s work the best…okay, maybe that part should be done by Judge Ito.

Really, though…goping through the posts and articles, we really deserve a definitive study on this topic. And the prison system is the perfect place to do it in. No we just have to convince the ACLU that this would be a benefit to the convicts. Hmm…

Yeah, lets make the child rapers HUGE AND RIPPED so when they get out they’ll have more LBM to beat the crap out of the popo when theyre being brought down.

I like this idea.

I think you’ll find out what most of us know (and maybe some don’t want to admit :wink: ) - everything works!

Everyone is different, so how can you have a difinitive study on what works best? That’s what I love about this hobby - it’s a subjective science (so sue me for using that phrase).

Actually, depsyphor, they’re already getting huge and ripped.

Sorry to have to be the one to let you in on that secret! BTW, not everyone in prison is a child rapist. Just thought I’d point that out, too!

And as far as having them set loose on society bigger and stronger (which is already happening)…how about we limit the program to 30 years-lifers? How’s that for a compromise? Any takers?

Morg…as far as saying that everything works to some degree…well, that’s true to an extent. But some supplements are pure shit, just as some diets and training programs are just plain inefficient/ineffective. I’d like to knwo which ones are keepers. Scientifically, proven of course.

Don’t take it too serious, though. The ACLU would never let it happen…but fuck it, I can still dream.

well, yeah, of course there’s useless stuff. I guess I meant that if you choose from a bunch of different good programs that are very different, all of them will work. Westside, olympic lifts, etc. Very different, but work. I agree 100% on the supplement thing, for sure.

But hey, how will a study on other people determine if it will work for you? It could be set up so guys are separated into groups, like fast metabolisms, etc, and then you could base things off of the group you’d fit into. But damn, that would be complicated.

Whip up on popo when they get out? Who do you think is watching them and keeping them in now? Only a small percentage are working out at all, and most are what we call “big for nothing” blown up from pushups, pullups and cruntches, but weak as water. As a keeper of the scum of society, I don’t want to help them get any more advantage over any of us keepers. Now, lets give the programs and supps to the keepers, and I’m in full support!

how about we give them creatine serum too, cuz we all know that rocks the house.


That’s a better idea Burke. Supplement the civil servants that need strength. Police, Firemen, Prison Guards, Soldiers. They all mostly get paid squat anyway, why not try a program out on them (on a volenteer basis)(sp?)

Maybe they’ll save MORE lives.

In faith,

Thats right Billyboy, now lets all write out congress men/women with this idea! I’ll be the first to volunteer!

I have a better idea… Instead of applying it in prisons, apply it in schools! Teach the kids how to REALLY eat right, offering the right sorts of foods for breakfast/lunch/late afternoon at the very least, and allowing a snack time in between breakfast-lunch. Also get some real gym teachers… Someone who can motivate, inspire, and teach the truth (especially to the ladies). Instead of letting the whiners slack off while he/she himself sits down & enjoys a candy bar, coffee & reads a magazine while you play dodgeball.
It will probably never happen, I wish though. Only afew lucky schools would get an awesome gym teacher. Nevermind getting the school to completely ignore the food pyramid.