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Paying a Price for Loving Red Meat


interesting article on red meat consumption.. any thoughts?


if it wasn't for bodybuilding I wouldn't eat meat at all...I would stick to beans.If you are an average couch potatoe you don't have to eat meat and you shouldn't for christsake. Not even trying to build muscle and screwing up the environment because they can't think and were conditionned to eat meat.

I dont eat meat to eat meat. BTW this study is bullshit. If you eat your veggies and not much sugar saturated fats are handled much more efficiently.


It was men and women aged 50 to 71 and covers about 10 years or something. So 15% of old people died in 10 years. I didn't look at the actual study, but the article doesn't mention any differentiation between participants eating a Royal w/ cheese vs. a lean flank steak, or whether they had fries or broccoli with it. They also may have smoked, not moved in between burgers, etc.

I think the same study was cited on Yahoo! a few months back and people discussed it on here. Might be worth a search.

Flashy headlines sell, regardless of content.


I eat meat to eat meat. It's how my body evolved/ was intelligently designed. My Grand-daddy ate meat. His Grand-daddy ate meat. His Great-Grand-Daddy ate meat...


Gotta be careful and critical of anything "news" sources put out. They will likely be biased towards established public opinion and only print things to tell people "yea you were right"

This article fails to address the bigger picture: The ENTIRE diet and lifestyle. The average joe that consumes high amounts of red meat are also likely to neglect fiberous vegetables and fruits. The sources of red meat? Likely fast food burgers. The average joe who tries to consume "cleaner" cuts of meat are usually already health concious to a degree and it is likely their diet will include some form of fiberous vegetables and fruits.

So is red meat the real culprit? Or is neglecting fiberous vegetables and fruits the real culprit?


4 ounces per day is considered high?

Uh oh.


I have had at least 2 pounds of red meat today.

And 6 eggs.


Very learn red meat only has 1 to 3 grams of saturated fat per ounce; small amounts of saturated animal fat is good anyway; beef has stearic acid, a health fatty acid.


Grass fed beef? Anyone?


Mixing a strip steak with mashed potatoes every night is completely different than having a strip steak with broccoli every night. I'm also sure that all of these people participated in resistance training on a daily basis ensuring they were able to utilize the fats they were consuming properly. sarcasm.


Do you lift weight or not? Do you care about pollution? If you are an average obese guy who don't care about being muscular, I don't see any reason not to care about the environment and not eating meat. Of course if you are an idiot and if you do like you have always done without any thinking

1- You are miserable
2-I hope there is not much people like you
3-You are an asshole and a idiot


We all know an huge and ripped 6000post guy like you eat alot.


Dude, there are plenty of anti-meat and anti-progress websites out there.

Go be a grumpy prick on one of them. Your "wha wha wha" is annoying.

Biology tells me to eat meat. The human body is designed to EAT FUCKING MEAT. Get off your high horse and go home.


Says the kid dieting @195 and 6'0"



Eating the flesh of tasty, tasty animals contributes to my "balanced diet" to help me obtain the essential amino acids I need to recover and grow new cells. I know I can get those from eating beans, nuts, legumes, and vegetarian means, but I feel like that is unnatural for me and overly inefficient. That's true of most people, whether they lift or not.

I concede that the quality of meat has deteriorated, but that's not to say your vegetarian dishes aren't similarly modified chemically. I buy local and whole foods when applicable; I buy cheaper foods when unavoidable.

Whether I train or not has little impact on what types of foods I choose to eat, but more on the ratios and quantities of different foods.

Eating meat doesn't make me miserable. Closed minded people make me miserable. And what does any of this have to do with my carbon footprint?

And yeah, I probably am an asshole, but not for eating meat.