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Pay Us A Thought And Pray

…to whatever god(s) you have. We’re going in to hospital today for my youngest’s cancer surgery. He is strong, but a bone cancer in the tibia is nothing trivial.

Surgery will take a few hours to remove the tumor and top of tibia, and then a few more hours to try to salvage and reconstruct the limb. If everything goes well, his right leg will lose some mobility and strength, and probably a small limp. If it doesn’t, well think Terry Fox.

We will know, late Monday European time if the surgery went well and in a week if there is any infection.


I have no gods to pray to - but I offer you and your family my heart-felt sympathies. I hope he’ll be fine, and you’ll all look back at this in a few years, thankful how well it went.

All the best!

So sorry to hear that. How old is he?

Always a sick, pointless tragedy when a kid becomes debilitated. It’s stuff like that that makes me disinclined to pray.

Cancer is a bitch. I’ve lost my grandfather because of a throat cancer a few years ago.

I hope everything goes well for your son.
Tell him to be strong.

Good luck

I pray for inner strength to you and yours to see you through this. I know this is not an esay time.

[quote]TQB wrote:
…to whatever god(s) you have. [/quote]

Will do.


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Will power, determination , belief, love, a little luck and the thoughts and prays of friends and family. Those will all aid you now.

I hope for the best for you and yours, stay strong


All the very best to your family - I wish you health.

Keep your head up.

Thinking of you and your family, I hope everything goes well. Stay strong.

Good Luck

you have my deepest sympathy and good wishes.

May everything go perfectly for your child and yourselves.

Lycka till - all the best.

I just did.

Good luck to you and your child. Best wishes to both of you on this day.

All the best. Stay strong and positive for your boy.

All wishes and prayers to you, your son and your family.

From one person who’s dealing with cancer of a family member to another, I wish you and your family the best.

I’ll pray for you and your son at tonight’s 6:00 service. And for my father who has lymphoma. What a freakin’ world we live in. Be strong.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. This is undoubtedly a most difficult time for you.

May your son’s surgery and recovery go well and may you have the strength to see him through.


Quick update

Nine hours of surgery, but the surgeon was happy with the result. Now we just have to wait a week or so to be sure it is not infected, and another six weeks for the pathologist to assess the tumor.

Another big step out of the way…

Thanks for your kind thoughts