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Pay for it?

If T-Mag becomes a pay(members only) site, would you pay to use it and how much?

I would willingly pay up to $25 per year for this site.

0% for me.

You have to have one hell of a USP to charge people for something that was once free.

I would feel comfortable with $20, if it entailed WORTHWHILE discounts on Biotest stuff (esp. Alpha Male) and T-mag sponsored seminars.

I would not pay a dime for something that used to be free. I don’t care how good the site is.


Maybe the could go life the LEF route, you can buy shit without being a member but it costs more. So, you are enticed to be a member.

I’d really hate to have to pay to simply read the site. Also, it would drive away potential new readers… as hardly anyone will pay to get into a site without already being a “convert”.

As good as this site is, the best part is that it’s free. I would probably not pay for it, but can’t make any gaurantees. If it’s free, it’s for me.

I think the front page definitely indicates that the site will become a pay site, but I have a hard time believing TP and TC would do that. I think it would hurt business more than benefit it, as it seems they’re relying more and more on the T-crowd to purchase supps…but who knows?

Would I pay? I couldn’t pay for what was free and working well for so long. It would seem to be a greed issue in my mind…plus, there is other good info. on the net – I’d just have to go look for it!

Here’s something from the Testosterone website.

Important: This website is ? and will always be ? free!

Realistically I think all that is changing is the NAME of this site. When I tell people about Testosterone. net their faces get a strange look on them and then they ask me if it is a site for buying steroids. Maybe a name change would make things more palatable to the masses and if they can draw more people to this site, the more product they can sell and continue to keep this site free.

Damn political correctness!!

If anything, i can’t see t-mag being more ‘politically correct’!!

i can understand them wanting to charge though, i mean, things just cost more nowadays. they don’t have popup ads and annoying spam and other crap here. that’s how the rest of the web is free. if you want anything of quality, you gotta start paying for it. i’m sure it costs a LOT to run this site, keep it up to date and keep the quality high. it’s moderated and they have to spend a lot of time on it. the graphics and layout are awesome too, that’s not cheap.

i would have to consider wether i would want to pay for something like this, that’s for sure.

maybe they could change for subscriptions to the hard copy magazine and then allow free online memberships…

why are we all speculating? usually they ASK US what we really want… and they haven’t done that this time… that does make us worry…

Here’s something from the Testosterone website.

Important: This website is ? and will always be ? free!

Maybe. Just maybe.

Personally, I doubt it. As assets become bigger, companies dont worry too much about changing rules. Until they have enoughfuck youmoney, they have to be somewhat friendlier. But once the cash is in, whos gonna stop them from changing?

No prejudice against T-Mag, though. Im talking about of what I saw in other lines of business. Whether its spectacular growth, mergers, acquisitions, downsizing … the now-big boys always change the rules to their advantage. Lobbies are the best example.