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Pay Back is a B*tch


Perez Hilton was punched in the face for calling a straight man a "faggot." Does anyone else see the comedic irony in this LOL? Didn't he call the girl from the pageant a bitch for not accepting the idea of gay marriage LOL?



there is justice in the world after all.

I would be smug for a year if i got to punch that asshat in the face.


How does a gay man call a straight man a faggot?


Flip that, could you imagine the outbreak if Miss CA would have called Fairy Hilton a "faggot"

He is such a worthless sack of shit, I would like to kick him in his vagina.


I'm still curious why this douche even gets airtime.


I am so glad I don't have a clue what any of this is about.





Will someone please put Perez Hilton out of everyone's misery? God, I'm gay and he even drives me crazy.


Plus, if he wears that shit he could at least shave his legs and get a tan.

If he has to be an obnoxious gay bimbo he could at least look the part.


Even TmZ thinks Perez is the bad guy.


What? Is the PWI finally all in agreement on a topic?

Never thought I'd see the day when gay and straight, democrat and republican, Christian and atheist, foreign and domestic posters all agree on the topic.

The end of the world must be near.


Speaking of gay and straight in agreement... I read somewhere after the whole Miss Pageant thing about how the gay community was upset at him, for being such a jerk. It was some gay blogger talking about how when you're part of a minority what you do reflects on the whole group, and he could have been polite and gracious (sure media would slam her for her answer afterwards), but instead he was a jerk and reinforced that "crazy bitch" gay stereotype. Fail.


Good ol' Perez seems to bring that out in folks.

Oh and when you call a large, straight black rapper a "fucking faggot" what did you think was going to happen?


maybe Perez was hitting on him...


Thats a good point Utah. You can't just go around and talk shit to just anybody. Not without having some whoop ass brought back to you. Ask Perez again if he will be so quick to call someone a faggot in the future.