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Pay Attention to the SIZE of Your SCOOPS!

im a bit angry about this but i cant blame the company because it is on their website (although in the customer service section, which, up until now, ive had no reason to visit).

i have had to outsource for casein hydrolysate only because Biotest hasnt released theirs yet.

the stuff i got tastes like hell, i even had to go back and order extra flavoring to make it palatable. comes with free scoop if you chose to have it in a plastic container.

CT’s protocol uses 20g cas.hydro during and 20g after the workout. (really it calls for anaconda,etc). per the label, a serving is 10g. needing 20g, i have been using 2 scoops during workout, 2 after.

TURNS OUT!: the scoop is 24-25g, per the site’s customer service section. why then, is a 24-25g scoop included with a product of which the serving size is 10g. who is that helping?

so, if the serving size isnt X scoops, pay attention! buyer beware!


I’ve always recommended a food scale for any type of supplement measuring. One day people will listen.

Even when the serving size says ‘x’ amount of scoops, it’s usually wrong when you weigh it to match the serving size ‘grams.’