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Pavlo Nakonechnyy vs Luke Richardson

Great to see Luke Richardson and Pavlo Nakonechnyy being compared to each other… has anyone seen these guys lift in person… both look like serious competition for the coming years…

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Nakonechnyy’s ultra thick physique reminds me of Femis Lambrionidis.


Most recently they competed head to head it was IPF standards and very close. Since then Pavlo went untested and Luke went into Strongman. We may see them on the platform together one day but under which fed/rules/sport is hard to say.

Pavlo popped his bicep at a comp not too long ago and only recently been building back up. Luke has been progressing well in strongman especially his deadlift.

I’d say with a bit of focus directed back into powerlifting Luke beats Pavlo by way of > squat and deadlift while Pavlo has him on bench


That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time, good memory.

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Yeah Hes 180kg here… Have you met Luke though?

I meet him in the summer and he had just won ESM… 23 years old!! Hes 6’4" and 160kg Im 5’ and 47kg hehehe…

I’m glad Luke is in strongman now, but I feel he could have broken some records if he stayed in powerlifting for a few more years.