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Pavilik vs Williams

cant believe irish has not started talking about this already. two of the best middleweights about to get it on. a dangerous, rangey and awkward southpaw verses a balls out straigh shooting ko artist.

two talented, agressive and young stars who nobody want to fight are getting it on.

the fight is in AC, IRISH!!! YOU SHOULD GO!!!

Hahahah well the fight’s not until Dec.

But either way, I’m looking forward to it. This is a hard, hard fight for Pavlik- he’s a very orthodox, jab-jab-cross kind of fighter who’s fighting a very unorthodox freak of nature in PW.

Both fighters like closing on the other guy, and both have very high workrates when they’re on their game. Kelly got embarrassed by BHop, but then that’s BHop- KP was tailor made for that guy. The only fight PW lost was to Quintana, who out countered him.

This fight could go either way. I could see the two of them getting into a brawl- and then it would look alot like KP-Taylor, what with Williams’ wider, looping punches being parried and KP’s straight down the pike shots landing first and hard.

I could also see Williams outworking KP over 12 rounds, just landing more and not letting KP hit him… but PW defense isn’t the best, so I think he WILL get hit.

Keep in mind also- the 2 fights with Quintana and 1 fight with Margo are PW only big names on his resume, and he dropped one to Quintana. He fought Winky, but Winky hadn’t fought in 21 years. PW has not been tested, and hasn’t been hit by a real good middleweight yet.

My prediction? KP by UD.

Williams by UD. Williams’ volume punching won’t let Pavilik use his power.

Really looking foward to this fight. I’m a big fan of kelly even though i called Bhops win (people thought i was crazy but then again most people dont know shit). I’m gonna say a Kelly Pavilik. I think he’s going to be able to cut of the ring and land he hard shots.