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Pavels theorys

Well Pavel certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons didn’t he? Good on t.mag for printing his honest opinions tho. One thing that confused me, is that he is such an advocate of low reps yet he was talking about a bench routine of 20 reps of 5. Doesn’t that contradict some of the other stuff he was saying? Also the kettlebells workouts involve lugging them around for as many reps as possible, another contradiction? What happened to progressive resistance? Don’t get me wrong the articles really got me thinking and I will incorporate some of the stuff in future workouts (read tommorrow). Am I reading it wrong? What do you think?

On the contrary, I believe Pavel suggested 5 reps w/ 20 sets, not going to failure. Not, 20 reps by 5 sets. Hope this will bring some calrity. Watts

Hyphnz, check out my reply to Watts’ post about the same thing. I think it will help clear things up!

Thanks guys, I meant to put 20 sets of 5, read the replies to Watts’ question and it did help.