Pavel's Russian Bear

I’ve started Pavel’s Bear routine because it makes sense to me and in a previous thread a few people posted really solid results. I’m curious as to how many folks have tried it and the strength and size gains it has yielded. Any tips would also be appreciated. The one tip I have for anyone that is considering trying the deadlift/bench program is to make sure you use chalk for the deads. In the past I always did very low rep, low set training of the dead and sweat was never a big issue, so I was chalk free but I wasted my first bear workout because the bar started slipping by the 5th set.


Funny, I was thinking about getting back on the RB program last night. The one thing that you’re going to get out of Pavel’s protocol (if nothing else) is a nice increase in thickness. Being 5’7, I appreciate a program that gives me a little more 3Dness, RB definitely covers that. My one tip on RB is to stop your sets as soon as your form starts lagging. Lata.

MBE: “THE official Monkey of Russian Bears. Since 1733.”


I haven’t done the exact Russian Bear routine, but myself & who knows how many others have had really good success with low rep/high set routines. They work really well for both size and strength depending on how meny reps in each set or intensity.

please forgive my ignorance, just curious about the russian bear workout you are talking about? is it in a tmag?

I like Pavel’s Russian Bear program. However, I prefer Poliquin’s German Volume training program or something called density training by Coach Ethan Reeve.

It’s a program in which you do a set of 5 with a weight you could do for 6 in good form, then you do a set of 5 with 90% of that weight, then another set of 5 with 80% of the first set’s weight. You continue to do sets of 5 with 80% of the original weight until you can no longer mantain proper form. I believe Pavel Tsatsouline, the creator of this routine, performing the deadlift and benchpress in this manner each workout. I also throw in a few sets of barbell curls or chins at the end of each workout to keep my biceps up to par. I’m not sure on Tsatsouline’s reccommendation for frequency, but I’m performing it three times a week. My strength gains so far have been great, but I haven’t yet noticed muscle gain.

where can I get this routine?