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Pavel's Push-Up Routine

Ok everyone I am sorry that I haven’t replied to people who messaged me and what not. I was going to email Beyond bodybuilding but my email wouldn’t let me and there was a security thing as well (I couldn’t even cut and paste the workout from adobe to word). So I will post it here now for everyone. again I am sorry I haven’t gotten back to people as I have been busy at work and what not so I hope this will redeem my being busy.

Read on for the push-up program

  Relative intensity  set frequency 

MON: 100% (test); 30% 60 Min
TUES: 50% 60 Min
WED: 60% 45 Min
THUR: 25% 60 Min
FRI: 45% 30 Min
SAT: 40% 60 Min
SUN: 20% 90 Min

MON: 100% (test); 35% 45 Min
TUES: 55% 20 Min
WED: 30% 15 Min
THUR: 65% 60 Min
FRI: 35% 45 Min
SAT: 45% 60 Min
SUN: 25% 120 Min

MON: 100% (test)

So here is how it works, on Mondays first thing in the morning or when you wake up you first of all test how many push-ups you can do (without resting), then you use that number to find your percentages for that week. The next week you do the same thing and on the third week you do a test just to see how you stand push-up wise.

You will also notice that you chest will get bigger and your probably find its looks a little more chiseled (I did anyway).

Another option is just doing push-ups to failure (not complete failure but more of a rep max) in the morning and then before you go to bed it will add some size to your chest according to the old Charles Atlas manual my grandfather has.

Anyway I am sorry to everyone who messaged me for taking so long, as I said before I have been busy and I hope this will help them.