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Pavel's PTP Question?


Is anyone familiar with Pavel's PTP routine? I did it some years ago. I remember that it is 2 sets of 5, the second set is 90% of the 1st set.

What I don't remember is the starting poundage. Does anyone remember how much you are supposed to start with?


I start at about 70% of 1RM and add 5 lbs per workout. Once I can no longer add 5 I start over at a slightly higher weight. It turns out to be one long wave deending on how long you do PTP for. I just got back into it for the summer and enjo it quite alot. I always make great strength gains without adding bodyweight.


Please disregard this thread, I got the info I needed.



Thanks for the info. I am going to do the PTP routine for my deads. My posterior chain is way behind, no pun intended. I have a lot of catching up to do with my upperbody strength.