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Pavel's Power breathing and some good ab exercises

Hi T-Folk. …In the middle of intense dieting…looking to switch up my ab routine do it on two seperate days from my lifting. it involves 2 sets of each exercise for 6-8 reps. then add weight, work back down(double progession) WED- weighted crunch, russian twist, side bend Sun 6 negative reps w ab wheel w no knees… then ab wheel,full contact twists and reverse crunch.
Whattya think. I ahve good ab development, just trying to emphasize it a little when dieting…any good exercises for the switch up? Also anyone try the evil russian’s power breathing techniques? Thanks guys…Mike

You want a good routine? I have used this for a while and I have some seriously sick abs(Vascualrity does not even begin to describe) sets of weighted decline crunches 15-20 reps using a roman chair, 4 sets high reps flat crunches, then 4 sets hanging knee raises supersetted with oblique twists. your midsection will burn with the fury of hell for a few days but it will be a great motivator not to overtrain, since we all end up doing it when it comes to abs.

I went to a seminar with Pavel the other week and it’s one thing to read about it but another when he’s there in your face explaining it and monitoring you. I think the power breathing is great. If you are looking to do some of his ab exercises I’m telling you that the janda situps are amazing. I got off my ass last night and when to the gym to do some cardio and then ab work (injury preventing lifting for a few weeks) You can look up the Janda situps in a past T-Mag issue.

Pavel said that if you can do 5, you are a stud and you should eventually work your way up to 3 sets of 5. I thought, 5 situp, big deal. I did my first set up 5 with a little struggle on the negative of number 5. After 2 mins of rest I started my next set. I could only do two more to save my life. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Janda situps are definately the ab work I plan on doing for the next few weeks. I will eventually incorporate Satan’s ab wheel of death and the bring on the “Dragon Flag” ab exercises.

As for the Ab Pavelizer, it is a great piece of equipment but I didn't buy one because you can just use any of the benches at your gym, just push your heels against the base just as you would if it was the Pavelizer. I hope some of my blathering helps.

Thanks for the help guys… Robusto congrats on the sixer…I was thinking about adding the hanging leg raises one day. Krak- awesome in fo thanks…Did Pavel Say how often with the power breathing? Thanks…anyone else?

Power Breathing was supposed to be done with all exercises. The timing and things like that are explained on the T-Mag site and also in his book. I didn’t buy any of the books at the seminar but my buddy did. You can go to dragondoor.com and pick them up.

All this power breathing reminds me of those deep breathing programs that were popular with some women friends a few years ago. You had Anthony Robbins, Pam Grout, Body Flex (Greer), Oxycise and Life Lift. Had overweight women huffing and puffing their guts away.

My first reaction to power breathing is that it was a load of shit, but after actually trying it I was impressed. It’s not the meditation T. Robbins type, its for creating power in your lifts.

TRy this, 2 sets of weighted sit ups, and don’t just drop down, slowly lower yourself. Then 2 or 3 sets of just focusing on lowering and flexing while lowering,about 3-5 seconds, man does that ever hit your abs hard. I usually finish this off with a set of 50 crunches or something.

Krak–for the janda situps do you put your heels past the base of the bench and pull them towards you or in front of the base and push away from you?