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Pavel's Naked Warrior


I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Pavel's Naked Warrior? So far I've heard some great things about that book, however the price seems to be pretty exorbitant for me. Can some of you give a link or something where I can read more of that book for free?

Do you consider this book worth buying?

I'm a 330 bench presser at 205 bodyweight but due to frequent traveling and lack of equipment I've been doing bodyweight exercises only for several months now and, believe it or not, I feel stronger and faster than when I did 330 in the bench press. I've reduced my waist and have dropped some weight (probably 10-15lbs) and feel fantastic. This whole experience has really actuated me to think about dropping powerlifting completely and focusing on bodyweight exercises and running. I think this will be of a greater health benefit than powerlifting. Damn, I feel so light now that I don't even feel like I'm stepping on the ground when I'm walking:) What do you think about this one? Do you believe that someone may feel stronger with bodyweight exercises than with powerlifting?


I have a few friends who are avid Powerlifters. And everyone of them has told me at one time or another the exact same thing as what you are claiming!

I don't think it's the barbells that are making you feel this way. I think it's the constant striving for that one rep max all the time. In other words, heavy weight for low reps over a long period of time at the exclusion of other activities might just be taking its toll.

It's a great sport but not for everyone.

I've been lifting for many, many years and feel great. But I also run, bike, grapple, hike and do a host of other things. And my bodyweight is kept in check, along with my body fat.

If you are still bent on body weight only movements there are plenty of trainers out there who promote such things. Ever hear of "Body By Fish?" He seems to have it together pretty well. There are others too.

I'm not that fond of Pavel for many reasons. First of all at some point you will be sent 5,694 pieces of mail prompting you to buy kettlebells and all sorts of other things. And as you have already mentioned his prices are sky high, and for what?

I also don't like people running around calling everyone comrade. Pavel just has too much hype surrounding his information for my liking. But others don't seem to mind. I guess it's all in what you like and are trying to achieve.

Good luck,



I'll sum it up for you and save you the money.

Learn to do a one-arm pushup

Learn to do a pistol squat

Both these exercises require a fair degree of strength, most importantly they require practise.

Hints: Pistol squat. gotta have good hamstring and ankle flexibility, or forget it. Pull yourself to the ground slowly, and push up. Use hip flexors to pull yourself down.

One arm pushup. similar technique (slow to start with) to pistol. Legs, spread nice and wide (do it barefoot). Keep your pushin' arm almost at the width you would use to do a normal pushup (dont center it).

Pavel loves to talk about whole body tension. Do it.

Theres some articles on the moves here. Search the archives.


That didn't even cost $39.95...and was a good summary.

One arm pushups are good shits. Just read the book in the bookstore, it'll only take you a couple minutes to get the ideas.


I think Pavel's strength books have been explained like this previously:

  1. PTP = Bachelors

  2. NW = Graduate

  3. BB = Doctor

All are decent books. There are better resources to learn many bodyweight exercises than NW, but it is a good "concept" book.

Good luck!



I've read PTP and Beyond Bodybuilding. I thought PTP was pretty cool, but yes, you can get all you need from it at a bookstore in less then 30 min.
Beyond Bodybuilding, however, is a great book. Definitely worth buying.


You forgot something very important: You must squeeze your butt cheeks together tightly.



"I also don't like people running around calling everyone comrade. Pavel just has too much hype surrounding his information for my liking. But others don't seem to mind. I guess it's all in what you like and are trying to achieve"

As opposed to calling everyone T-Men or (shudder) T-Vixen. Your other points are valid, but come on now.


every powerlifter you know has made better progress, been stronger and faster by ditching their powerlifting training and doing bodyweight work???

how were they training in the first place?


the butt cheek squeezing is something that siff spoke a bit about for several exercises...


Pavel's next book will recommend spending 6 months in a prison. There, you will learn the difference between clenching your butt cheeks together tight, and clenching them up REALLY tight.


And what is wrong with that???


Thank you all for the response. I'm familiar with the basic tenets of Pavel's training and the GTG concept because I've applied it to powerlifting. I was seeking for some new bodyweight exercises. I can already do 10 strict one-arm pushups with my right arm and 7 with my left arm. So I thought it was time to start a more challenging exercise. I'm thinking about doing one-arm pushups on fingertips. That's pretty advanced. I once tried one arm pullups but could not do a single repetition. Guess I'm just way too weak for those:))) Can any of you do a one-arm pullup? In my opinion this exercise is one of the greatest strength feats and it never ceases to amaze me when I see somebody perform a one-arm chin.

Once again thanks for the great response:)


It depends on a lot of things, ZEB. The way I was training for powerlifting was pretty successful. I'm completely natural and I didn't even take protein shakes at the time I hit my max bench press.

So, I guess it's not the WAY of training. But, now I do feel more flexible, I can apply my strength in real life situations from many angles and I am always ready for action. No more of these moments when I feel languid or have lack of pep. That was what I was referring to when I said I had better progress now. Not that I think I would be able to bench or squat more now (although that may be possible). I feel my strength is much more applicable now, that's all.


If you find it too easy from the floor, try it with one leg...or raise yourself up. Or simply do one arm divebomber pressups...both are hard but achievable...

I can do 3 one arm one leg pressups with my feet on my bed but I'm nowhere near a one arm chin


As far as BW exercises are concerned, check out Scrapper's site (several WO templates) and Ross Enamait's. I cannot praise Ross' materials enough.



Chris I knew that eventually you would show up. Wherever there is a thread with Pavels name is mentioned you pop up. And there's not one thing wrong with that...well there is one thing wrong.

You have poor reading comprehension skills! Having had a go around with you in the past I am well aware that you post just before you think.

I hate to be insulting but you need to focus on what is being said BEFORE responding.

And since our exchange will eventually lead to me pointing out exactly what was said I might as well do it from the beginning.

The original poster stated: "I've been doing bodyweight exercises only for several months now and believe it or not I feel stronger and faster than when I did 330 in the bench press."

Did you catch that this time around? He "FEELS" stronger and faster now.

It's a feeling' he never said that we was IN FACT stronger and faster now. Nor, did he even make a comparison and state that he lifts more now.

You with me Chris?

This was my original repsonse:

The main point in my response regarding why he might not have FELT as good when he was powerlifting was this:

"...heavy weight for low reps over a long period of time at the exclusion of other activities might just be taking its toll."

Please read the posts carefully, don't make me ignore you comrade...


It might be called "I was a comrade who danced on all fours." LOL


I swear that I read something from one of the trainers on this site, or someone around here, that powerlifting can take such a toll on your body (in the joints and what not) that switching to a bodyweight scheme makes one feel better simply because they aren't working the same three lifts constantly.

It gives old injuries a chance to heal, being as the dynamics of the exercises performed are different, and there isn't so much strain from constantly going for a heavy single every other day.

And, as always, Pavel does have good ideas, and I won't argue with his theories; however, I argue with his price and his hype (I think Zeb is the same way).

I'm still working up to one arm pushups on the ground, and I am down to about two feet off the ground (doing them off a bench). It made me realize my triceps are weaker than I thought they were. Keep at it!


You were probably not squeezing your butt cheeks tight enough.....See that's the problem. When I squeeze my butt cheeks really really tight I can get 20 with either arm.