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Pavel's Lowrider

In Pavel Tsatsouline’s “Power to the People”, there are some photos sequences of the Floor Press and the Barbell curl. If you look closely at the pictures, Pavel’s left shoulder rides lower and looks slightly smaller than his right.

He’s published more stuff since then, but I don’t have his new material. For those of you who do: Does Pavel still show this imbalance in any of his more recent books/ videos?

Chris (Shugart), can you ask Pavel T in your upcoming interview if he’s doing anything to correct this ? Thanks

I didn’t know I was interviewing the guy again.

Chris, my bad. Oh well, Pavel’s form looks good despite the imbalance though.

Ouster, I think I heard that he was in a severe car accident a few years back, so that may have something to do with it. I noticed that as well.

JDB, thanks for the info.

someone asked pavel why his shoulder was popping in a video when he did pushups, he said he’d hurt his shoulder a while ago.