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Pavel's Books?


i know i'm going to catch a lot of s**t for this on here, but it seems very interesting. i was wondering if anyone had read, "power to the people" or "beyond bodybuilding". I've read some of both of them and was wondering if anyone had tried any of the routines.


Why would you catch shit from it? Pavel is a salesman just like evry other strength coach on this site that writes books or sells supp's. Pavel isn't that bad he was just hipocritical when he talked about T-Nation and then went in some musclemag that has nothing but T&A.; He makes some good points in both those books. Absorb what you can use and throw away the rest.


Pavel's Beyond Bodybuilding is an excellent book. There is a lot of good information in there and the layout of the book makes it easy to find specific items you are looking for.


Damn you're gonna catch shit... :wink: Who cares dude, you could say "hey anybody tried Meltdown or Perfect 10?" and somebody would chime in with a dumbass comment. You'd probably get some good feedback though.... ahh, the bitter-sweet nature of forums.

I own BB and think it's very good (and I reiterate that I'm not a Pavel groupie). BB's programs are actually a lot like the ones you find on T-Nation for the most part: multiple full-body sessions a week with rep schemes like 5x5, 3x4, 6x4, etc. I've used the multiple singles per day protocol with success. I don't have BB next to me but it's the one where you do 3 singles, then 6, then 9, then 12, then start over with more weight. I improved my deadlift max 50lbs in two months while maintaining my other training (but who knows how much of that was neural).


I benefited from power to the people in terms of increasing my bench, I used the 54321 program with bench and rows. I also increased my deadlift quite a bit using the 3 days a week, 2 sets of 5 approach. I think it's a book worth getting, but I would suggest not following the advice to only do deads and one-arm press. In fact read the book with a very discriminating mind.

Beyond Bodybuilding I borrowed from a friend and it motivated me to do good mornings, which are now a staple exercise.

The most important part of training is knowing how your body handles things and sometimes trying something out of the ordinary can help.