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Pavels 3-5 Training Method


Has anyone tried it? Seems like an intresting way to go about the good ól 5x5. I just love old routines like Hepburn etc. and this one is right up there. No fuzz, just smashing weights on big compound movments.

What excercises did you use with it? I guess according to the article the workouts are laid out as A and B and rotate them through M-W-F.

Sample workouts: A - Squat, Bench, Pendlay. B - Press, Deadlift, Chins


I ran 3-5 for a long time as a beginner.

Pretty common approach was

Day A

Bent over row

Day B


And then rotate in front squats, dips, pull ups, SLDLs, incline bench, and similar when things stalled.

Worked very well, especially when paired with a deload. I always went 5x5 with every movement.