Pavel Tsatsouline Seminar

I’m thinking of attending a seminar titled “Power To The People” by Pavel Tsatsouline. Has anybody been to this seminar? Is is worth it? Anybody read his books? Thoughts?

I read Power to the People. It was pretty good and had some good facts. Its whole system is based around the deadlift and bent press though. Other than that a pretty good read

I read a article in the recent POWER mag writen by Pavel called"Bodybuilding Sucks". My opinion is that this guy will be the Mike Mentzer of 2000(Pavel’s way is the only way!) Read his material for variation.

I attended a short seminar on ab training that Pavel gave at the Arnold last year. It was very good and very funny. Pavel has excellent “Russian” schtick. I’ve read his books. I thought the Ab Training and Beyond Stretching were excellent. The latter really does work and I use some of his suggestions now for warmups. Pavel approaches training from a slightly different angle, i.e. that of functional strength. All Special Forces are this way and it’s very understandable. I’ve also read excellent articles by him in MILO. The basic tenents of one was that do not expect to be able to go into the gym and at each and every workout set a PR. But lest you think Pavel is an easy task master, think again. By the way, Pavel has just moved to Santa Monica. Bumped into him and his lovely wife walking one evening along the Boardwalk. They seemed delighted to be out of the frozen North.

We get this question about Pavel’s new book a lot at T-mag. I guess I need to review it for a future “Stuff We Like” column. (I’ve been meaning to interview him too.) Look for a review of the book in a month or so.