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Pavel Tsatouline

What is the general opinion about his guy? are his methods good? i read on of the Dragon Door adverts for his SWAT strength routine and it did seem impressive. is it actually the case? also i am thinking of getting his book Power to the People. do any of yuhave it? it is any good.

all opinions and experienced are welcomed.

thank you

I like a lot of his material, my biggest complaint is the price of some of his stuff. I have no problem paying full price for his kettlebells because they’re near impossible to get otherwise(I just ordered my first) but 40 bucks for a 150 page book is a little much. If you decide to buy something, check Amazon and you can usually find em for 25, a much better deal.

I like many of his methods. If you want to get strong, but not necessarily big, then his methods will work for you. I like his kettlebells, kbell book and video. Power to the People is a good read, but I don’t think it’s the best thing out there for the price. As Kaizen said, I’d go to Amazon and find one used for less money. The book is probably best for beginners or those who want to gain strength using few exercises and short training sessions with frequent workouts. Even if you’re not a beginner, there are some interesting tidbits about why gloves and belts are bad for you and things you can do to help increase your strength when lifting.

I have 2 of his books and one of his kettlebells. I think their pretty good so far. The book about kettlebelling is a bit scattered and hard to follow. But the pics help out and the tape might be better to use as a reference. As far as the kettlebell itself, it rocks. My athletic performance has been better than when I played football in college. I wish I knew about them then, cuz I could have pissed on our regular team workout. That’s all it was, just regular.

I think his stuff is great, ‘Power to the People’ is good if you want to get strong, kettlebells are good for all kinds of conditioning (speed, power, endurance)and after following his advice in ‘Beyond Stretching’ I can do the full splits and hold my arms in the air… but it all depends on what you want to achieve I guess… you can do a lot worse than a routine of deadlifts and side-presses.
all the best

Its weird he talks about getting strong and buff and he tiny?

Pavel is pretty good. I have the same complaints though as the other guys, his books are too much money. I also think his kettlebells are way too expensive. I have a pair from ironmind which cost $70 and I can change the weight. I think PDA sells even better KB’s. I also think Pavels style is a little overbearing. You would think only Russia came great ideas on training.

geez i shelled out 25 bucks for modern trends in strength trainin and its ~70 pages

I really like Pavel’s ideas. They are somewhat close to mind and I admit that I have taken a lot from him. Some guys don’t like his “Russian attitude”, but I find it very funny and entertaining. I really do believe that he does it so that his work is more enjoyable.

I’ll echo others in saying that his products are expensive though.

Allow me let you all in on a little secret. There are very few people in this industry who “Talk the talk and walk the walk.” My friend Pavel is the real deal. He’s one of the few people in this industry that I truly respect.

I know Pavel and think that he is a great guy. He is super strong and extremely generous with his time. He answers questions personally at this forum at dragondoor. I really like kettlebell and make a good part of myu living doing kettlebell workshops all around the world.

I’ve read a lot of his stuff and it’s been worth the price just to read something different on strength training and conditioning. One thing I would avoid like the plauge is working out intensly w/out warming up. He recommends this for military and law enforcement personnel because they may have to exert maximal force w/out any warm-up in real-life situations. I’m a 35 y/old policeman and this looked good on paper and even though I eased into it I’ve gotten injured 2x doing this. OK call he stupid. You can do it again if you like. I think this may work somewhat better for younger people (or Bulgarian weightlifters who train 10x a day). I’ve been woking out for 2 decades warming-up and when having to exert “maximal force” in fighting a suspect I believe the innate survival reflexes tune your body up just fine. Just my 2cents.

Louis-Philippe de S?ve-Bergeron, what were your results like with the abs book? Has anyone tried the warrior diet on his website? Is this the same one referred to in t-mag’s diet summary?

He has some great insights into strength training. Power to the People has some great tips and insights I haven’t read anywhere else, so in spite of its small size, I think it’s worth it.

I am in full agreement with Chad and Mike. I have met Pavel on 2 separate occasions and spoken with him numerous times. When he teaches he has always been willing to go out of his way to make sure that myself and others understand what he is teaching. The classes he taught that I attended, as of recent, were not related to his kettlebell training but, he took the time after the class was finished to help me with my form and any questions that I had regarding it. His methods do work there is no doubt. He is incredibly strong, knowledgeable, and a great person. I have nothing but respect for him. If I have to pay a little more forw his books then I don’t mind it because I know that it is going to the real deal.