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Pavel stretching

Has anyone read Pavel’s book on stretching? His ideas sound interesting, but I wanted to make sure that it would be a worthwhile book before I go out and spend 35 bones for it.

I have and read and own Pavels Beyond Stretching and Beyond Crunches book. I have to say they are worth getting. Lots of great info, my flexibility and mid section strength has improved considerable. Lets face the books are kinda expensive, $35 each, and they arent big books. But still worth it. Think of all the crappy supps you spent that much money on (can anyone say Cybergenics kits), and you’ll realize it pays to get any book.

I bought the videos cause I hate to read and it gets right to the point also it is cheaper. 29.00 Very effective.

I think that his stretching books are definately on point. I bought it about three years ago and it has definately helped trmendously. One negative, if I had to name one, would be that he really doesn’t prescribe any whole program with the exercises. It’s pretty much," Here are awesome exercises. Do them."

Good stuff in there, but some of it is confusing. Overall I’d say its a decent book for me. But, if for some reason you really want to do the splits, its a must have.