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Pavel side press

Can any of you guys better describe the side press that Pavel Tsatsouline talked about in his interview.

It’s basically a one armed military. You have a slight bend at your waist (bend to the opposite side of the arm being worked). From that position you do a one arm press. It’s the lift that you see all the old school guys doing in the ancient pictures. Kinda hard to describe, hope that helps.

It is a ridiculous movement. If you want to do it, then do it with a dumbbell instead of the barbell. With a dumbbell you don’t have to worry as much about unnecessary injury and you won’t have to spend as much time learning a stupid technique.

I tried it yesterday with a LIGHT barbell working on the instabilty type theory (as in swiss balls etc). Chose a barbell and tried to keep it parrellel to body as I saw a message post to Pavel on a martial arts forum and that was suggested. How effective is the exercise? I don’t know but it’s fun for a change and certainly worked my rear delts and upper back. Hope this helps.