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Pausing DL 200 kg/40 Push Ups, Pushing Squat 20RM and OH Press 1RM


i really want to DL 200 kg, i’m just taking a break so my body won’t break
6 month’s passes so fast, and i expect to do 190 kg by xmas


did 80 kg 12 days ago, no problem, will try 81 kg this evening and did 90 kg before i got the flu in March 2018


the formula is composed to give a penalty to body weight and fat and not just promote strength, i like the size i’m at, it also weighs the squat 20 RM and the oh press 1 RM such that i deem it will make sense to put equal effort on the lifts to maximize the ratio
there is also an age-bonus so that it can be used to compare different age athletes


it’s not scientific, i made it up to be able to compete with a colleague and level the playing field in terms of age and weight and promote fat loss


Interesting. Everything makes some sort of sense, although the constants do seem somewhat arbitrary, but if you’re competing with someone, at least you’re both working to the same standard. The only problem I see is that everything is very precise, except that BF ratio is an inaccurate value by its very nature, and you can come up with very different numbers depending on how you measure it, and it figures strongly into both exponents in the denominator. Very interesting idea, I may have to do some lifts and plug my numbers into it to see where I fall!


fair point, but just round it as you see fit

and report, i will test later tonight


Keep pushing, I’m sure you can smash the 200kg some time. Whats the diet like? Have you given pulls from pins or blocks a crack?


i do 16/8 intermittent fasting and try and eat a lot of veggies and eggs. besides that i eat whatever is presented before me if i find it appetizing and in my eating window.

have not tried pins or blocks yet. i have felt that i can’t push it harder than i do, if i add something or increase the amount of something then something else must give. should i replace the regular DL with rack pulls or should i replace, say forward bent rows or Pendlay rows for rack pulls instead? or do you see another better approach?

as it has been the last days even my usual training has been too tough and i have reduced scope on two sessions in a row. on Sunday i plan to do DL for 12 heavy singles and then 6 training sessions later another 12 heavy singles and then for yet another 6 sessions i will test my DL max.

if i can’t pull 180 kg by then, rack pulls and maybe also 531 could be a way to go because my own strategy has obviously not worked. but, i won’t really go for DL until September. I’m 51 y now and i don’t want to break my body just to do 1 epic lift.


a lot of work and too little sleep lately, started at rpe 7 and at the end of the session i
decided to reduce scope, i skipped the foward bent row

20 kg 1x20 RDL, 1x10 oh press, 5x4 back squat, 1x4 front squat, 1x5 thrusters
20 kg 1x5 barbell waiter press with back lunges each side
40 kg 2x1 oh press
45 kg 2x1 oh press
50 kg 1x1 oh press
55 kg 5x1 oh press
40 kg 1x13 oh press
40 kg 1x5 back squat
60 kg 1x3 back squat
80 kg 1x1 back squat
90 kg 1x1 back squat
100 kg 1x1 back squat
110 kg 1x1 back squat, i feel this is heavy but that my form is decent, think i could max at 120 kg
81 kg 1x20 back squat
total rpe 8

@OTHSteve , my numbers plugged into the ratio gives

ratio = (A+B) / ((1.1179^(1+Bf)*M + 0.7134^(1-Bf)*M) 1.125/(1+N yf))

A = 81 (i think i have more here, but demonstrated long ago)
B = 55 (i prolly have more, like 57 but it’ has not been demonstrated)
M = 91 kg (gained some)
Bf = 0.164 (gained some)
N = 51 - 40 [year] = 11
yf = 0.0125 (year factor)

ratio = 0,793


I’m definitely going to try this out. I don’t want to mess up my current routine, so I’ll do a joker to get a rough 1 RM press on Monday, which is my next press primary day. Then I’ll suck it up and do a 20 rep squat next Saturday, which will be my next squat primary day. That should be fun…



Had fun in the garden, stone to shoulder 83 kg, my daughters boyfriend lifted it to



20 kg 1x20 RDL, 1x20 oh press, 1x10 good mornings, 5x5 back squat, 5x5 front squat, 1x5 thrusters
40 kg 2x1 strict press
45 kg 2x1 strict press
50 kg 1x1 strict press
55 kg 5x1 strict press
40 kg 1x10 strict press
70 kg 1x10 DL
110 kg 1x2 DL
130 kg 1x2 DL
145 kg 1x1 DL
155 kg 12x1 DL
60 kg 3x15 bent forward row, last few reps pendlays
total rpe 7


Coc-T: r 21, l 9
20 kg 1x5 back squat
50 kg 1x5 back squat
70 kg 1x5 back squat
91 kg 3x8 back squat
4 rounds( 1x24 reps 24 kg KB swing, 1x24 back and forward lunges, 1x12 fat guy pullups)
total rpe 7


20 kg 1x20 RDL, 5x5 thrusters mixed with mobility
20 kg 1x5 back squat
50 kg 1x5 back squat
70 kg 1x5 back squat
91 kg 2x10 back squat
80 kg 3x3 DL+high pull
2x18 kg 1x8 DB incline bench press
2x26 kg 1x15 DB incline bench press
1x18 kg 1x8 DB pull over
1x30 kg 1x13 DB pull over
total rpe 7


I’m about to hate my life, I’m going for the 20 rep squats tomorrow. I got my 1 rep overhead Monday at 195#, my bf ratio is .167 according to the US Navy bodyfat calculator, so the squat is the last variable I need to determine once I get my 7 day average weight tomorrow morning. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like plugging everything in lbs will give a comparable ratio, since the only unit is mass/weight, and it’s in both the numerator and the denominator?



good luck with the 20 reps. i use to think like this to help me through:

It’s fun to fight!


The first 10 is easy, focus on breathing get some oxygen to the muscles from start if you bang out 5 - 8 reps on one hard brace, you’ll end up in oxygen debt by rep 12 - 15.
12 - 15 get them done. The last five is just one more, and 2 - 5 breath and fight it. (I don’t like them)


I definitely don’t plan to make that a regular part of my training, but it’s good to push your limits every once in a while. I’ll report out tomorrow after I do it, let you all know how I feel.


Just do 20 rep squats with your 10 rep max.


My plan is to do my 5+ set tomorrow for 20 reps instead of 10, which was my original target. 20x255# shouldn’t be too bad, should it? :slight_smile: