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Pausing DL 200 kg/40 Push Ups, Pushing Squat 20RM and OH Press 1RM


From session 27-Jan-2019
1x8 reps 80 kg bench press

i have a bit of a narrow grip due to that i experience shoulder pain when i’m benching wide grip
and yes, it is my undies you see

i only bench when i can have safety bars preventing an otherwise possible decapitation. neurotype 3?



From session 27-Jan-2019
1x1 reps 170 kg DL, hook grip, magnesium, no shoes, no belt

i don’t know how to use the belt properly, i get zero help from it

my setup is kind of slow, i want to feel that every piece of my junk is in it’s best position before i employ full leg drive, i’m actually letting my legs give a couple of strong impulses before full drive so i will feel that everything is ready. i hear voices saying that this gives energy leakage, those voices might be right, but i don’t care.

and just a tiny wee heavier than this and i crumple. i’d prolly do 175 kg today but form would be much worse. i think it is visible that my mid to upper back is a little crumpled already. i get my best form at 160 kg.


Awesome lifts man


Looking good Bonobo
Looks like you have more left in the tank man.


not on the bench. but i should DL more, but i can’t.


yeah bench was an all out effort :slight_smile:
And I think you should be able to be DL more.
You’ve been DL’ing a lot I think twice a week maybe and going very hard on it.
Try to dial it back a bit. Deload a week come back and try to follow a trusted and proven program. There are a lot to choose from.


the trusted and proven programs want me to do like 5 reps at, like 140 kg, where i can crank out a set of 20 reps, nothing wrong with that, but i can’t believe that will lead to optimal progress of my 1rm.

i’m more into @liftangryordie500 's advice on practicing heavy singles.


Hey, I’m no Jim Wendler. 5/3/1 got me most of my gains…but you can throw in the occasional Joker Set in order to get some practice with heavier weights. I am not a strength coach! Practicing heavy singles can and should be done in conjunction with a trusted program.


I was just going thru your log: a year ago you did a triple with 185 kg … what did you do to make that effort.
Januar 2018 you quoted a CT article about not training on the nerve, so you did something very good a year ago.
You could visit CT’s build for bad or build for battle for 4 - 5 weeks.
Or his simple guaranteed strength and size found on his forum Thibarmy. I had really great success with that one and will give it my greatest recommendations.
12 week, each lift twice a week, first 3 weeks 8 reps, next 3 weeks 5 reps, then 3 reps, finishing with 3 weeks of 54321 reps.

Brian Alsruhe have some really hard programs. I did Darkhorse with great succes and I now his conjugate and linear progression programs are a blast too.

Jim’s 531 works wonders for a lot of peeps.

There are bulgarian programs with very low reps as well.

But I’m sure @liftangryordie500 knows what his talking about.


yes i did that. but i got sick in a bad flu in march 2018, lost 10 kg body weight and had to start lifting again in, i think that was in May, at my new 1rm of 140 kg, worked myself up to one ugly single 180 kg in, June i think, then started intermittent fasting and dropped some body weight again, i guess i shed both a little muscle and a little willpower in addition to the fat loss and my 1rm dropped again, now i’m almost back at 180 kg but alot slimmer. i kind of like being slimmer, i was too fat before. i still might benefit healthwise if i slim down further, also, the push ups part of my goal gets easier, let’s not forget about that.

i’m aware of the dangers of training on the nerve. i’m threading on a thin line here. i rarely go above singles at 160 kg which is 91.4% of 175 kg. also i do tap tests and grippers to check my cns. i can’t swear on that i haven’t foked up my cns, but i feel that it is more or less ok.

i have been wondering how to know if the cns is foked or not. but, i guess if the cns shuts down then i will notice.


Did you read this some 5 days ago about DL

Well we have the same goal at least on DL Bonobo, so I’m following close.
A young dude at my gym that has a DL of 220 kg (not any more) said that until 190 kg or so it was quite easy and the last kg were the hardest and very much a mindgame.


i think weight and age should be factored in, if 190 kg should be easy or not. for me it was easy up to 160 kg but after that i’ve been fighting for every pr.


From session 27-Jan-2019
1x12 reps at 70 kg front squat

rep 1 to 7

rep 8 to 12


4 plates came easy for me. Then 5 plates was hard. I hit 515lbs and everything over 5 plates I have to get into the right mind set and sell out to get off the floor and finish the lift. I’m assuming as it progresses the big lifts are a mind over matter. If the form holds it is all muscle and grit.


I’ve read too many different conflicting articles on how to get strong on deadlift. I could only do high reps comfortably while the weight was fairly low. Once I got a little stronger, what seemed to work for me was fairly high frequency, heavy weights and low reps. What got me to 475# was deadlifting twice a week, once for 5/3/1 and once on my strongman events day.

Front squats, good mornings and Zercher squats were all good assistance exercises for making my deadlift stronger, but I think that varies depending on where your weak spots are. I never fail a deadlift that I get off the floor, it’s either going up, or like I’m trying to pick up Mjolnir, no in between.


yes, i have too. i guess it’s just try and see, what works for a while at what doesn’t.

i often fail just when it leaves the floor

i might lack the grit. at least when its heavy. medium heavy i have good grit.


mucus in nose, coughing, maybe even slightly sore throat
CoC-T: L 10, R 10


I wouldn’t advocate the frequency at which you do gripper work. grippers are very taxing on the hands and cns. Have you tried throwing in Timed holds, overcrushes, Upside down reps etc. Once you get to a certain point/number of reps on the gripper it becomes a waste of time. Its like doing sets of 30 on deadlifts to build your deadlift.


20 kg 1x20 RDL, 1x10 strict press, 1x10 good mornings, 5x5 back squat, 4x5 front squat, 1x5 clean
25 kg plate 1x10 zercher squat
40 kg 1x5 back squat
60 kg 1x5 back squat
84 kg 5x5 back squat
3 rounds( 1x20 67 kg DL, 1x21 push ups)
total rpe 7
training at lunch break, cut the session short due to lack of time, still very good session


Was sick yesterday, coughing, cold, joint pains, but better today

1x50 push ups (34 without breathing pauses)

20 kg 1x20 RDL, 1x10 strict press, 1x10 good mornings, 5x5 back squat, 4x5 front squat, 1x5 clean
25 kg plate 1x10 zercher squat
70 kg 1x10 DL
110 kg 1x2 DL
130 kg 1x2 DL
140 kg 1x1 DL
150 kg 1x1 DL
160 kg 5x1 DL
65 kg 3x5 DL high pull
1x14 kg 1x8 DB pull over
1x18 kg 1x8 DB pull over
1x24 kg 1x20 DB pull over, should’ve increased to 26 kg but i forgot
2x18 kg 2x8 DB incline bench press
2x22 kg 1x20 DB incline bench press
total rpe 7