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Pausing DL 200 kg/40 Push Ups, Pushing Squat 20RM and OH Press 1RM


I will say that you would have had the 175 kg if you had structured it like this:

140 kg, 1x1
160 kg, 1x1
175 kg, 1x1

If you’re going to test for a max DL, you need to cut out the fluff beforehand. Prioritize the Deadlifts over things such as these:

Save this stuff for after you’re done testing.

TL;DR: cut down on the number of ramping sets you perform. Also, save the minor stuff for after your main lift. Good luck. What program are you running? Also, if you’re overthinking a max lift, rip an ammonia packet and pull.


i just do hard and consistent, and try to progress a tiny wee little in some sense every session. not necessarily reps and load, i count progression in many ways, like shortened pauses, better form and better mind muscle connection to mention the most obvious. atm, i am trying to progress on DL frequency, and find my optimum load and rep scheme for DL 3xweek.


20 kg 1x20 strict press, 5x5 back squat
40 kg 1x2 oh press, 1x5 back squat
45 kg 1x2 oh press
50 kg 1x1 oh press
55 kg 4x1 oh press
40 kg 1x10 oh press
60 kg 1x5 back squat
81 kg 1x20 back squat, held it lowbar, my arms had to struggle at the end to hold it in place
65 kg 2x12 bent over row
110 kg 1x1 DL
130 kg 1x1 DL
140 kg 1x1 DL
150 kg 1x1 DL
160 kg 5x1 DL
total rpe 8, mostly tired in my arms from back squat, who would have figured


My friend, we are not that advanced yet. My first instinct is (obviously) going to be to recommend Triumvirate 5/3/1 w/ 85% TM (the rep PRs teach mental toughness, especially when you go on to do a 14-rep set of squats that had you dying at rep 8). But, more importantly, you need to find a strength program written up by a TRUSTED STRENGTH COACH that you’re actually going to enjoy following. Personally, I gravitated towards 5/3/1 just because of my never-ending GI issues (and thus, the versatility and safeguards built into the program make it the best fit for me to actually make progress in the weight room). Even when eating and sleep are compromised, I can do my required reps and get the fuck out. And, here’s something to keep in mind — if you’re going to do 5/3/1, buy the fucking book. It’s $10 on Amazon. Grab 2nd Edition. Just something to keep in mind. But, you could check out Starting Strength (assuming you’ve never run an LP and you have the appetite to keep eating) or something from elitefts. I’m sure TNation programs written by any of the coaches here are also stellar.


Also, get some chalk so the bar doesn’t slide off your back when doing high-rep sets. This happened to me once. It was painful. Take my advice. Chalk is $5.


i don’t claim to be advanced, however, i do progress on my “program”, e.g. i just upped my DL from 4x1 to 5x1 at 160 kg, so i’m gonna milk it for what it’s worth while it lasts. after that, maybe 531 or whatever seem most appetizing.i ran starting strength couple of years ago, progress where too fast and eventually i injured my hip sockets by doing too many heavy 5s (heavy for me not for anyone else lol), of course my form wasn’t stellar and i spent a year on low weights just working on form. hip sockets and form are better now, but i don’t love squats.


i can eat but i try not to. really, i just get fat and when i reduce i get back to exactly the same spot where i was before. i read somewhere that it’s possible to build msucle at 10-12 % bf so i try and reduce to that first before i start to eat.


1x48 push ups (32 without breathing pause)


Race you to 200kg dead


lol, game on, what’s your max now?


I’m in on this race.
The gauntlet has been thrown by the young duke @duketheslaya I’ll pick it up as well.
1RM a few month ago after doing Darkhorse 160 kg.


I don’t have a clue. I’ve just started getting the form right. :sunglasses:


20 kg 5x5 front squat
40 kg 1x5 front squat
60 kg 1x5 front squat
3x1 standing abs rollout, form and rom where not “proper”
66 kg 1x12 front squat
1x12 kneeling abs rollout
60 kg 1x10 DL
110 kg 1x1 DL
145 kg 15x1 DL, first few reps felt really heavy but it loosened up
total rpe 8


@duketheslaya @mortdk @bonoboschimp I’m in as well :smirk:


20 kg 4x5 back squat, 1x10 strict press, 1x10 good morning, 1x5 clean, 3x5 front squat, 1x6 oh sideway squat
30 kg 1x3 power snatch, 1x3 oh squat, 1x3 snatch
35 kg 1x3 snatch
40 kg 1x3 snatch
55 kg 3x4 oh squat
65 kg 2x12 bent over row
110 kg 1x2 DL
130 kg 1x2 DL
140 kg 1x1 DL
150 kg 1x1 DL
160 kg 5x1 DL
total rpe 8


20 kg 1x10 RDL, 5x5 back squat, 1x10 strict press, 1x10 good mornings, 2x5 clean
40 kg 1x5 back squat
60 kg 1x5 back squat
82 kg 1x15 back squat, was shooting for 1x20 but then too much lower back discomfort
had 2 days of rest since last training but all the heavy DL has taken a toll, i think
i’ll do another 2 days of rest
90 kg 1x1 back squat, some heavy unplanned squats to redeem myself
100 kg 1x1 back squat
110 kg 1x1 back squat
65 kg 3x12 bent over row
20 kg some bench press
60 kg 1x2 bench press
80 kg 2x1 bench press
80 kg 1x8 bench press,
80 kg 8x1 bench press
total rpe 8


morning weight 88.5 kg
bf 15.0%
waist circumference 91 cm
blood glucose 5.1 mmol/l



1x49 push ups (30 without breathing pauses)


20 kg 1x10 RDL, 1x10 strict press, 1x10 good mornings, 3x5 back squat, 3x5 front squat
1x25 kg plate 1x5 zercher squat
60 kg 1x10 DL
110 kg 1x1 DL
130 kg 1x1 DL
145 kg 1x1 DL
160 kg 1x1 DL
175 kg 1x1 DL, decent form, bar drifted forward slightly and also a slight
painfree crumpling in my upper back, but yeeeyy this is my best lift since i was sick
160 kg 3x1 DL
total rpe 6


morning weight 89.2 kg
blood glucose 5.5 mmol/l
sore throat, probably best to skip today’s session

finally decided for a minimalist’s approach
20 kg 1x10 RDL, 1x10 strict press, 1x10 good mornings, 3x5 back squat, 3x5 front squat
60 kg 1x10 DL
110 kg 1x1 DL
130 kg 1x1 DL
140 kg 1x1 DL
150 kg 1x1 DL
160 kg 6x1 DL
total rpe 6