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Paused Squats Accessory



somehow I have the feeling I loose stability and tightness in the hole when I squat heavy or semi-heavy for reps. I now thought about doing a couple of sets of paused squats 1-2 times a week to stay tighter in the hole.

Does this make sense? And when and how much of it should I incorporate?




Yes - this is all discussed in the Beyond book. How to effectively use them into your program without ditching the core principles.


can you point me in the right direction? chapter or page is enough…



First Set Last section - paused squats and bench.


You could try doing them on your work-up sets. They worked pretty well for me on heavier sets, but my hips took a beating after awhile. Just doing them on the lighter work-up sets doesn’t seem to aggravate my TFL like pausing all my squats.


thank you! it even says paused squats… must be that forest and trees kind of thing!


I used them for a long time as a dynamic effort lift - they are just that for raw lifters. I used Jim’s programming from Beyond and it worked well - 5x5 or 8x3 with your opening weight for the day, 1x1 for your ss, and then whatever you are doing for your last set - if I remember correctly:)