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Paused or T&G Bench?

Move your grip in if you’re benching wide. If you’re not a shirted bencher there is no reason to be wide. Make your triceps do their share of the work.

And the guy who said to stop an inch above your chest… Just no that’s harder on the shoulder than just performing the bench you know correctly.

also make sure you’re warm up properly, some band pull a parts and a set or two with just the bar to feel everything out.

I’m 31 6’3 270 with long arms but I won’t let the “lever” argument stop me, I love benching. been benching since I was 18 with no pain with a405 bench nothing special but I’m happy with it.

If what you’re doing isn’t working for you. Let your shoulders fully heal then find a new way that works for you. For me it was bring my grip in and making it a full body lift. Let your lats support the weight and make sure your triceps are doing their share. So many people just have no clue when it comes to technique

Speaking of grip, are you using the best grip width for you?

During warm ups, take some light sets with a grip much wider, much narrower, slightly wider and slightly narrower that your “regular” grip.

You may find a setup that makes things more comfortable.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday…I told an aspiring MLB pitcher this in another thread and it bears repeating. Should you decide to incorporate push ups into your training (and I strongly recommend you do), you should look into the various devices that have handles. This will keep your wrists in a neutral position.

You can get the fixed ones or ones that rotate. If you get the rotating device, use just enough rotation through out the rep to keep the arms at or around 45 degrees - no need to go into an extreme flare (ie 90 degrees). The original infomercial device is the perfect pushup but I’ve seen other brands online.

FlatsFarmer and dredka make important points about grip width.

If one has the discipline to check his pride and use a grip that - at FIRST may feel weaker - but in the long run is more beneficial to him then he can continue training and make progress.

This is why I suggested to the OP that he has his form checked by a someone with a proven track record. Nothing beats an experienced coach who can see you lift from various angles, have you make micro adjustments, rinse and repeat.

And it’s not just the grip - which is important. It’s also how the ENTIRE body works during the lift.

Are you driving - really driving - the feet into the floor?

Are you squeezing the glutes tight without having them come off the bench?

Did you dial in the optimal bar path down and up?

Have you positioned the torso in such a way that you’ve created a slight decline position?

Are you engaging the scap retractors to center and protect the shoulders? And another benefit to keeping the humeral head centered is that you do NOT protract the shoulders near the top - which saves you from moving the bar farther away until lock out. Does this make sense?

Idiots who say ‘paused benching is hard on the shoulders’ fail miserably with the above advice.

Are you engaging the lats which are incredibly important?

Did you get a chest full of air to shorten the range AND further create a stable base?

Are you gripping the bar as if you want to pulverize it?

Are you timing everything so the split second before the bar leaves the chest, you’re driving your feet into the floor, transferring that energy as if it was 100,000 volts of FUCK YOU through your legs, hips, torso, and arms?

The above are just some of the basics when it comes to proper benching.

Like I said before, heal up, stay patient, and don’t be afraid to refine your technique. Before we know it, you’ll follow up with a pr report.