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Paused or Suspended GMs w/No Pause

I have trouble with feeling my Hamstrings on Goodmorings, would I be able to feel them if i did a slow eccentric GM with a pause at the bottom for a count of say 2 then go back up? I have tried Suspended GMs those work my hamstrings good…a question on those is that could i perform the suspended GMs like a regular GM and instead of performing just the concentric portion of the lift, do the eccentric as well without pausing at the bottom for the next rep and head back to the top?
sorry if I confuse anybody with this post

How about you just try them out and see how they feel? Fairly simple solution.

yes i guess so… great idea! haha

Do you keep a tight arch in your lower back when you do your GMs? For me, that really helps transfer the work to my glutes and hammies.

I’ve found that to get a good stretch in the hamstrings when doing a good morning (or similar hip extension movement, such as an RDL), I have to focus on sticking my ass out first. It doesn’t have to be an exaggerated movement, but I do have to emphasize it to start the movement.

the reason why i chose to do GMa instead of a RDL is because my leverages suck for RDL soo when I get to a certain weight on RDLs no matter the form, i lose the stretch in my hammies… GMs hit my hams and Lowerback hard and simulate the deadlift for me BETTER than RDLs… i was thinking about doing “suspended” GMs but add in the eccentric motion just like a regular GM and no pausing on the pins to keep the stretch on the aformentioned areas… I keep a fat arch and sit back as much as possible and at some point i have to LOWER my lower back to actually hit my hams … I hope you understand where im coming from.

kpsnap: I dont use a big arch, most of the time i dont arch on GMs because for me it actually takes stress of my hams/glutes and transfers it to my Lowerback exclusively…sounds weird but true, same reason why I dont arch my lower back hard on deadlifts…but i do keep a hard arch in my upper erectors