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Pause to Fart?


Where exactly is the best spot to pause when you need to fart while lifting?

Concentric portion? Eccentric? Lockout? Don't pause? So many stinkin' options (literally and figuratively).

I'm looking for info. specifically on deadlifts, but fart-points on all exercises would be appreciated.

I tend to pause to fart once I reach lock-out, but when I mentioned this to some buddies at the gym they told me I was crazy.

That's when everything got out of hand.

One guy said it's best to pause to fart when you're setting your stance before your next pull. One guy said everyone knows it's 'let it out as you let it down'.

Voices got raised.

My Russian pal Anatoly said he only deadlifts singles and makes it a point to blast a fart every lift right as he's pulling the weight off the floor. Says he does a little countdown in his head...10..9...8...etc, then he farts big and loud while grunting. Makes him feel 'Strong like Sputnik'.

Another guy screamed over the racket that if he feels a fart coming on he scraps the deadlifts and just does some light cardio.

We all then jockeyed for space to pull some weight off the floor and demonstrate the proper way to fart while lifting. Luckily no one set off the lunk alarm.

At one point the smoke alarm got tripped, but we're not 100% positive it was due to one of our group's farts. There's no real way to track which fart tripped the smoke alarm that we're aware of.

Anyway, this is a serious question. I'd especially like to hear from teh ladies in case this ever comes up at a party.




You ALWAYS fart on the positive portion of the movement. It gives you "fart power" and in some rare cases can add 50lbs to a bench press.


If I fart on the positive portion I feel like I'm going to tear something, I usually do it right before my lift ie. while setting up for dead, right before I unrack weight for squats etc.



The goal is to tear something. Rip a fucking hole in those shorts while you squat.

Trust me, the ladies love this.


I fart before the lift in hopes that it will linger. The smell gives me a positive energy.


This must explain the dozen or so girlfriends you're presently juggling.


this is exactly what I do ... especially if I rope someone in to spot me whilst squatting


At the beginning of the concentric part of the movement, exploding out of the hole.


Yet another thread about men and farting. Anyway, I think Anatoly's the winner on this.

But be careful. It takes years of Russian gulag training to do this without shitting yourself.

Girls don't fart.


Like a pimp who sends his hookers out into the night to do their work, I also usually expell all gas as expediciously as possible, without regard to maturity of the fart, and without consideration of what passerbys might think if they happen to run into said fart in a secluded place. I just like to get that gas out there ASAP, where it can do some good. Call me an economist if you will. I just don't see the value in holding them in for future use.

Now, for application as a rocket booster while lifting or running - I can see some value there, and I have tried that in the past. Ultimately though, from a cost-benefit point of view, I've found the additional benefit (measure in both joy and performance effect) from properly timing a fart was not worth the additional time needed to properly plan the timing of a fart ("hold in time").

But there are instances while lifting where I personally would wait to let it out. Would I let one rip at the top of a DL? I would try, but it would not be possible due to my lockout technique of squeezing my butt cheeks in order to engage them. There are a few other exceptions as well but I'll have to save those stories for another day.


Right. It's a cheap substitute for ammonia caps and won't leave you jittery like excess caffeine can.

Too bad I can't seem to summon one very often. Guess my intestines have been adapted too long to a high fiber diet.

Got any good tips to increase FQ (Flatulence Quotient)? I already eat lots of beans daily.


Lactose powder - 1 scoop prior to training, providing 40 grams lactose.


I literally fucking shit my pants at a gym once during a heavy deadlift so at this point, as long as I don't do THAT again I don't care when it happens. But for sheer performance-added value, during the concentric portion of the lift seems to be the best. If I'm squatting or deadlifting then the added force of the fart blowing into the ground at the bottom of the lift helps propel me upwards. A great way to overload the muscles, kind of like cheat curls.

When doing chins or pullups, I try not to fart during the lift itself because the massive amount of gas passing out of my asshole has a tendency to cause me to swing back and forth a little bit and it can have a detrimental effect.

Bench pressing while farting seems to go better if I time it just right; it has to happen right as the bar begins to change direction for there to be a performance boost. As I approach lockout the fart doesn't seem to make a difference, but when timed right, I've been known to get an extra 10-30lbs out of a good fart.


That's why you do it a few inches before lockout. The burst of gas aids in hip extension and as your anus closes back up after ripping ass it creates a bit of a vacuum. It takes some practice, but when you get it down it can help you lock out weights you were never able to.

I'm just surprised Wendler and Tate haven't covered the topic of farting during deadlifts or squats, especially when going for a PR or at a meet.


This is hilarious!


You should reward me with naked pics for making you chuckle.


Concentric. I don't know why, but that's just when it always happens.


Last week I farted so loud, I heard it over my headphones. Is that natural?


Concentric, but I like to be at least 70% certain I won't shart or its a no go. Those 3/10 times I can live with shitting myself.


You should reward me with naked pics for joining the same year as they guy that made you chuckle.