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Pause Sumo Deadlifts and Form Check?



Hi all

Do you think pause sumo deadlifts are useful? For my lift?

The one time I failed on sumo was when I was maxing out. The bar was slow for a sumo pull, which was definitely something I was unfamiliar with and I panicked and tried to hitch it I guess conventional habits die hard.

Tried a few different paused pulls while warming up last workout and it felt good.


Lifting with Pinky

I work paused deadlift in I feel it helps with positioning. Looking at your video, you need to get your hips lower. The high hips caused your back to round and no chance of locking a max effort lift. Also to help keep your back tight turn your elbows in it’ll flex your lasts. I think of it as a seesaw as the hips come down you build more and more tension on the bar till you get into correct position and begin the pull.


I see your knees coming in slightly when the bar leaves the floor, you need to keep your knees pushed out. Just practice pulling with proper/better technique (lower hips, knees out, back not rounded) for now, no need to add any special exercises just yet.


Thank you the responses. So the gist of it is to improve starting position and practice?

Here’s a Rep PR from Friday and will record a set next workout. Is it any better/what else can be improved?


Better… by a bit. Still the same problems so keep working at it.


The plates block the view of your knees so I can’t tell if they are coming in, other than that your back is slightly rounded and your hips are too high. You need to open your hips more.


180kg x 3 Two angles for form check