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Pause Squats for Size?


Do you think 2 second pause squats can be an effective movement for putting on muscle or are they best used solely as a means to improve form/depth on your regular squats?

Any rep schemes you would recommend? Thanks!


What I like about paused squats is that you take the stretch reflex out of the equation so the muscles themselves are responsible for more strength production and they stay loaded for longer. So yeah they can be used to build strength and size.

What I like to do is 3-4 sets of paused squats prior to doing regular squats. Normally you can use 5-10% less on paused squats. So you could do something like:

Sets 1-3: 315lbs x 5 with a 2 sec pause
Sets 4-5: 330lbs x 5 no pause
Sets 6-7: 340lbs x 5 no pause


Obviously if the 330 in the example above is hard, stick with it don't go higher. And the weights are just for illustration purposes, don't use 315, 330 and 340 unless that's about what you can do for sets of 5.


Thanks. I will try that next time. Theres a big difference between the weight I can use for regular squats and pause squats so i definitely need to put it in some work.