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Pause Squats for Explosive Strength


Anybody do them ?

I added them in for this wave of 5/3/1 to take the place of front squats on my "assistance" day ( I lift full body 3 days a week). I tried them insted of box squating because Im really trying to work on my Olympic style back squat this year. Are they just as good, better, or worse then DE box squating. My goal is just explosive power.


They work, in fact that is how I did squats in the beginning, though I can't make a honest comparison between them and box squats. Just make sure you don't develop the tendency to loosen up in the hole.


I think they are very effective.


They work very well .


Mike Tuscherer (Probably spelled his name wrong) does them. I do them as well. I think they help build confidence in the hole and tightness throughout the whole lift.


Do them and you'll get stronger