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Pause in the Shoulder Press

In one of Ian King’s shoulder specialization routines he calls for a pause of 1 second between the eccentric and concentric portion of the lift (i.e., when the barbell is behind the head, just above the shoulders). For this one second pause, should I keep tension in the muscle, or allow the shoulder’s to momentarily relax and then lift from a static position off the shoulder? Thanks in advance for any advice. Tito

Keep the tension.

Keep tension in the muscles. To relax them would be inviting injury to your rotator cuffs. It is the same with squating you don’t relax at the bottom. Best of Luck.

Good question, any takers?


you could relax though if it was a front shoulder press. would be a slightly different training effect than keeping the tension.

Keep the tension constant throughout the entire set, as this is the most effective way to challenge the targeted muscle. This is more easily accomplished if you descend your arms to no lower than a 90 degree angle at the transition from eccentric to concentric.

Thanks for the advice guys! Tito