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Pause Benching


Lately, I've been doing all my benching with a pause. Nearly every time I bench I'll pause at least one set, sometimes all of them. I'm contemplating pausing all of them since that is what is required in competition. Is this a bad idea?

What, exactly, are the pros & cons of this? How often do some of you, who are competing powerlifters, pause your benches?


I was worried about pausing all of my reps and messing up the stretch reflex, but I decided to try it and it helped my bench out. I did like a 3 month cycle of all pauses for Sheiko, and currently I pause all reps below 5. I am to the point now where touch and go almost feels strange. Give it a whirl and see what happens to you.


Thats interesting. I was always under the assumption pausing every rep in benching would be bad, but couldnt find any definitive evidence supporting that claim. So you paused EVERY rep in a sheiko cycle? thats an assload of paused reps


Every rep, even on the marathon days. If it makes any difference my paused bench and touch and go bench are almost the exact same (I fail higher than normal in the ROM). The percents were based on a paused max.


Sounds like a plan! :smiley: