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Paula Quitting Idol!


I just read this morning on CNN that Paula is quitting Idol. I knew that new chick was there to replace her!

I think that sucks! I think the show will start going down hill from here. Paula was really good and very articulate when giving the contestants encouraging feedback.


I did like when that Gena chick busted out her hard body on the last episode, but she's still no Paula.


I am revoking your testicles.


I'm glad Paula's leaving. She was the least articulate of the judges, and often favored the cute contestants over the talented ones. Sometimes she came on there looking half-buzzed. Cara, the new chick, is a pro, a songwriting veteran, and really knows the biz.


I am not a die hard fan...I just think the judges will lose their dynamic with Paula gone. But I guess something has to be done to keep the show fresh. i think they should have gotten rid of Randy...He's not as cool as he thinks he is.


I think you must have been as high as she was half the time




no kiddin, probably watches dancing with the stars too



No self-respecting male should watch that crap.


Wait, so this would be a bad time to discuss the season finale of "So You Think You Can Dance?"?.......






one of the worst shows on TV


What's not to like about Dancing with the Stars? There are beautiful women dancing you know?
So You Think You Can Dance is even better. The girl that got eliminated last week, Melissa, is one sexy little kitten. Any T-man who doesn't like to watch her dance ain't no T-man.


I watched 5 minutes of this years finale, it was the part with the bikini girl and the new judge.



don't get me started on that gay stuff. If I want to look at hot girls I'll go on the web, I'm not gonna sit through a TV show where they dance around with celebrities.


Wait, so you wouldn't suck another man's penis if a really, really hot girl got off to you doing it? Any T-man who doesn't like to watch a girl get off ain't no T-man.



your wife or your mama make you say that ?



this thread needs to be removed . and then we pretend it never happened


I watch the show with my wife. Any night I spend sharing moments with my wife is a guarantee for great sex later that evening. Nothing gay about that, fuckers.