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Paula Deen Needs Jessie Jackson


I am here to exclaim again, you cannot make this shit up.

Guess she will be cooking the street-tough problem solver dinner:



i believe every blackman is a criminal until he proves otherwise


Says you and you alone.

If that's what you read into the current topics then I think you should get your court nails done.


Wait...when he says white people he can't mean us little old Canadians too, can he?


You need to check where rehanb_bl is posting from.

Canadians don't have a racist bone in their body. Well against black people. Don't get us started on the First Nations.


Fuck all the Jacksons. Jesse, Randy, Jermaine, Joe. How can I be pissed at a old White woman from the south admitting to some shit she said 20years ago. Leave that old woman alone QVC. Jesse


I dont care either.

Id say all kinds of crazy shit after someone put a gun to my head.

I dont are about her plantation themed party either

Shit...ive been to a few pimp and ho parties and when the party ended the characters were over...

I dont understand this at all


Canadians aren't white, they are opaque.


Now when you say Pimp and Ho......


Now Sears and KMART are dumping Paula's line of goods. I have to ask Why? I mean is the uproar that much to punish someone for something said 20yrs ago?


Why would anybody even believe that Jesse Jackson has the power to grant absolution? It might just be my own personal belief, but no man on earth has the power to absolve or damn any other.

Thats like giving someone who is pissed off at you a baseball bat then hoping he doesn't hit you with it.


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I hope she sues. I would, this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I mean, to be publicly roasted for using 'not nice' language? I wonder how many of the people who crucified this woman has never said the word 'nigger' ever in their lives? It's bullshit. No I am not calling it the n-word. Political correctness run amok.


It only get net points if you say it in a room full of black people you don't know. Otherwise, meh


Isn't the issue more that she's still unabashedly racist? I've not read all too much into this because of prior obligations and admittedly a lack of interest in the situation and Deen herself, and I will give her at least a small bit of leeway on the bank robbery event because I can see her anger taking hold in the heat of the moment; but I'm more concerned that this is not just something she said without thinking about the grander connotations of.

If she called that bank robber fellow a nigger and that was that for the accusations against her, then I would be very welcome to giving her the benefit of the doubt that she was attacking the idea of the individual and not of the entire race, of course.

However, even now in a calm and level-headed (as level-headed as Paula Deen can get) state, her comments are still somewhat degrading to blacks as a race with some staggering regularity. Now maybe she's not going to shave off her hair and start an Aryan war, but this is an idea that she's been brought up to think with and I'm not sure she's entirely understanding of the effect her thought processes on race are having with her black employees.

I don't think she's a vitriolic and hate-filled warrior for the racist cause, I just think she's a total fucking moron, and she needs to be led to understand why her words are not the most appropriate to use regularly amongst black-skinned people and be led to understand their plight regarding the pre/mid/post-Civil War from a different perspective so she can gather all her sources and come to terms with that too.

She's not harmful to anyone, she's just oblivious to why people are upset about what she's said. I'd readily accept her being given back her shows and merchandising etc. if she were just shown how to conduct herself amongst a large audience of people and not offend half of them.


What standard should she be held to? I'm treating her as any old white woman who grew up in the south. She is not an educated woman or entirely all that worldly. She is not even considered a "Chef". And it shows in her statements she comes across as a confused old woman. Now if it comes out she is using it at the work "the N's at table six need more salt" then yes. Shut her down. She does make money off the public so Yes she does need to watch her public image.
But come on. What Did the public think she was before?


You are a mighty fine fellow as well. :slightly_smiling:


Oh I always thought Paula Deen was a ridiculous idiot, or at least since that butter fiasco which is most likely the biggest thing I've ever heard about her until this. She's not bitter or spiteful and I'll defend her for that at least, maybe she's even a real nice old lady outside of all of this. In regards to me saying earlier that I want her to conduct herself better publicly, it's too superficial for me in retrospect, I want her to be shown how to be more learned and inoffensively eloquent so that her public conduct is genuinely representative of her new-found accepting lifestyle.

I don't expect her to be Shakespeare, but I just want someone to show her the difference between things that can be deemed racially offensive and things that won't. If that can happen, then I'm in favour of giving her everything back (not that it could be perfectly restored, at least soon) and bypassing this whole kerfuffle. Because outside of some personality tweaks, it's not even that big of a deal.


And Jessie Jackson is just the person to show her how not to be a dick.

Google Hymietown (a Jewish slur) and see who's snow white reputation appears.

How many Jews and gays do the MTV rappers, NFL, NBA millionaires offend yet never lose their ability to provide an income? They have to murder TWO people before they get cut by the Patriots. That's the issue here.


The issue is What is Bullshit and What is not. Jesse is selling Bullshit so if it falls from his mouth then QVC has no beef. Paula is selling herself in the form of products if she taints that hen so goes her product line.
It's silly that it's something from 20years ago.