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Paul, Your Best Strength Building Plan?


Hey Paul,
What would you say is the best pure strength building plan you have done in your career. I’m pretty happy with my size but sort of hit a plateau with my strength which is why I’m looking to do just a block of pure strength training. Putting on mass and conditioning would be on the backburner. I was thinking about giving Base Building a try based off what you have written about it on your blog. Love your blog, thanks for your time.


Yes, easily base building. When I developed all of those principles and put that into effect that’s when I hit my bests of a 660 no belt squat, 705x2 deadlift, 385 press behind the neck, 475 incline, and 485 close grip bench. And it was all spending most of my time working for speed/power using sub max percentages.


Great, thanks again Paul.


Where can I find this? I Google searched for it and no dice.



He has referenced it but I highly recommend buying the e-book. I bought it the other day and it is awesome. Basically more of a guideline than a cookie-cutter program where you plug your numbers in and go. It has tons of options to accommodate any lifter. Love that aspect of it.


Base Building is a great book. I loved reading it. Learned a ton.


Thank you!